RDP Saturday: Habitat


I live where the hedgehogs and mice say good night to each other
Where even the cows and horses treat each other as a brother
The bids fly free, perhaps searching for a worm
But even the worms find food where ever they might squirm
And I see it all from my my  window where I hear the caw of a crow
The squeak of a passing mouse, searching for food high and low
I enjoy my habitat, passing through this station
Although not like the animals, I am living isolation
But this too will pass, our world is taking a pause
Mankind has had to take a rest for a temporary cause
Nature is so beautiful, at last we have time to observe
To savour the peace and quiet and to explore this unwanted curve
One day it will be history, not something that forbids
We will remember it with stories to tell to the grandkids

RDP Saturday: Habitat

10 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Habitat

  1. We are beginning to see the “summer birds” now. The brown-headed cowbirds and finally, Robins. The red House Finches have moved north and won’t be back until the end of the summer, but every night, the flying squirrels come by and eat several POUNDS of seeds. We see more flying squirrels than raccoons, probably because the warm winter means there is more than the usual amount of food in the woods. The flying squirrels are passionate about black sunflower seeds. They REALLY love them. I think it’s possible the raccoons are now too fat to climb over the fence on the deck. They need some exercise, but are among the laziest native critters.

    Some animal(s) came by and ate \the crocuses. Not the greens. JUST the flowers. Who eats just the flowers???? Deer? Skunks? Weasels are meat eaters as are the bobcats. Neither of them eat plants and the regular squirrels don’t come down to the ground very often. They seem to stay up in the trees most of the time. Or on our deck.

    Our town has a lot of virus cases now, so going out isn’t a great idea unless I stay on our own property. I have to pick up some medication at the pharmacy, but I think it will wait a couple of days.

    We’re getting a run of chilly, damp, gray-skied weather, but it should end tomorrow, though it’s hard to tell. Mostly, it’s quiet and my right should is OUT. I think I lifted one too many bags of bird seed and dog food. I’m glad we are all still healthy!!


    • We have the same birds every day. There are probably woodpeckers and owls, but they live in the forests. We can hear them sometimes. I am gradually reducing the feeding as they should now search for their own food.
      The only animals I know that eat flowers are humans. They put them in salads, but not my sort of thing.
      I don’t know if any cases in our area, and our Kanton is on the lower level. My son called today and him and his family are all OK. He us working from home. His office has been closed so it is all done by computer. He had to go into his town once and he said it was like a ghost town with no one on the streets.
      Here it is quiet in the village. I just see neighbours working in their gardens. We have been reassured by our government that they have enough respirators for oxygen. I am feeling OK and am the only one going anywhere at the moment. My son still goes to work.


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