Good Morning


No brilliant sun this morning, but an interesting sky. Even the begin to a sunny day can get a little boring. After taking my usual morning photos, my next step is to replace the water outside for the cat – and begin to replenish the bird seed for the day. I keep it in the garden cupboard. As I opened the cupboard this morning I saw something quickly move in a bag where I keep the empty glass bottles and jars for the container collection in the village. It was then that I saw something looking at me and quickly move. It sees Micky the mouse has returned. Perhaps he never left us but spent the Winter sleep in the cupboard. I told Mr. Swiss and he said he knows. Now and again he appears outside when the coast is clear. I opened the cupboard again, this time armed with my mobile camera for a shot, but Mickey remained out of sight. I do not mind mice but do not appreciate them living in my garden cupboard. It is now Spring and they get their urges to establish a family. Mice families are not one or two children, but more like 10 or 12 and I am not very happy about that.


In the meanwhile I partook of my frugal breakfast slices of bread and jam. I now have a new development and my tea no longer comes from a bag. I read somewhere that those tea bags might have plastic particles in them. I decided that normal tea leaves would be better, and so began a search for them in my store. My favourite tea is breakfast tea, but they only have this is bags. Actually all teas seem to be in bags, but I found an Earl Grey loose leaf tea and so treated myself to  a box. For myself alone a pot would be too much and I do not take milk or sugar in my tea. I found my tea spoon sieve and so today I tried it with real tea leaves fresh from the box. Earl Grey is not a bad tea, although a little scented, but I am quite happy with it and it is plastic free.


I saw that the hawthorn tree opposite my window is now flowering, so spring has really arrived.

Yesterday our Swiss government had another hours briefing on the state of the flying hairy peas in the air. Nothing seems to have changed much. It seems that the British prime minister now has the dreaded and a few of this ministers. There was too much hand shaking going on it seems. Undaunted political business is now being carried on from the home office in No. 10 Downing street with a few coughs in between. We have a couple of politicians that have it, but as far as I know, the Swiss members of the Federal Council are still operating as normal.

After Mr. Swiss disappeared into bed yesterday evening I was left with another episode of master cooks, which I quite like watching. Afterwards there was something so uninteresting on the BBC 1 channel that I did a little channel jogging and suddenly saw a programme had started on BBC 4 about Eel Pie Island in the River Thanes,  The island is in the area of Twickenham/Richmond and it was the birth of Rhythm and Blues in Britain in the sixties. It is only available by one bridge from the banks of the River. It had a hotel where most of the groupies gathered. The main person at the beginning was the late Alexis Korner. This lead to the Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Eric Clapton etc. and other groups of the time. It was such an interesting programme and brought me back to my teenage years with its musical background. I did not realise what a cradle of music it was at the time and I was riveted to the TV until the programme finished. All those grey haired golden oldies, still with their long hair, talking about how it was when they were young and lovely making their good music.

This song from the very young Rolling Stones was typical of the time. Oh what wonderful memories.

I will now leave you on this musical note as I should really get a move on from my breakfast table in the kitchen and do something more worth while. Have a good day, stay away from the flying peril in the air and enjoy the music. I know I will.


20 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning 🙂 Hope your day brightens up. It’s sunny here at the moment which always helps to feel brighter. I must say your toast and jam looks very tasty- I might just follow your lead and have the same.I’ve been up for hours but got carried away with reading e mails and blogging….as usual. Now it’s 9, almost and I haven’t dressed or eaten. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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      • I reached for the strawberry jam, something I don’t often have, the lid was stuck tight . It was than I saw the date best before 2018! How can that be? 😂😂so I had marmalade.
        It’s been a strange quiet day here alone. It’s turning colder although still sunny.
        The lockdown is really sinking in now – let’s hope it will be all worthwhile and save us all. Take care.


  2. Good morning from coastal Carolina, we’re about to break high temps today with a high of 93°. A little soon for summer. Maybe the heat will keep the germ away. We’re still on a ” “stay at home” order. Have a good day, like you the mice don’t really bother me

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    • We are not exactly sunny Califorinia, but the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It is a very warm day. I am staying at home today, actually until Monday. then I will again venture a trip to the shops. At the moment no problem. Not many people, no crowds, and plenty to buy.

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  3. Good morning, our sky looks very similar o yours and rain is in the forecast. Not a lot is happening, there is still a stay at home order. News media has many stories about who are going to get government checks. The weather has been so weird that the trees look dead or not very well. Have a wonderful day.

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    • We have wonderful weather. the sun is now shining and it is warm outside, although they are said rain tomorrow. I am enjoying a life of isolation, be it temporary. On Monday I will be let out again for some shopping. I am trying to make the most of this new way of life.

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  4. i also use loose tea. There are any number of places you can order it, too including directly from India, though this might not be the best time to do it. I have regular (very fresh) black tea from up near the Himalayas and green tea which is actually my favorite. There are SO many kinds of tea in the world! Unlimited choices. It tastes better without the bag, too.

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    • I prefer it fresh. We have a tea shop in a gardening center here, but a bit too far to just go to buy tea. At the moment Inam pleased with my choice of tea


  5. Mr. (Ozzy) Osborne is English, but I know nothing of his background. I remember nothing of his music, even though it was very popular when I was in high school and college. I have not seen him in many years, before his family relocated . . . in different directions. He was a client of my colleague down south for a very long time, so I needed to inspect cedar trees at his home in order to get a permit to remove them. (Yes, we need permission to cut down trees on private property.) Their landscapes were as fabulous as my colleague can make them, but more tastefully so. I will never understand why English music is so very popular here. I happen to like the Beatles, but not because they are English. When I was a kid, I did not know that Helen Reddy and Olivia Newton John were not American!

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    • I remember ozzy being one of the eccentrics and had a TV prigramme with his whole family. I grew up in the sixties and British groups were part of my life, especially the Beatles and Stones. I still have my LP records, the Originals. Our stomping grounds at the weeknend were Carnaby Street and Queens Road and Satorday evening we would usually go to the Leicester Swuare Meccav dancing hall with its two bands. It was really nostalgic for me to see this programme of those days and brought back many memories

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      • Yes! ‘The Osbournes’ was filmed at their former home where my colleague worked. Sadly, the home does not look like that now.
        That must be so excellent to be able to remember such important history, particularly to remember it directly. There is nothing like London outside of of London. I know there are other ancient cities, but they are all distinct. Nor was there any time like the 1960s. London in the 1960s is something I can not imagine.

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