FOWC with Fandango: Amount


I discovered that keeping yourself busy with various tasks tends take your mind off the attack from hovering objects in the air .  Our local supermarket chain has various campaigns now and again, and the latest is to encourage our gardening talents. I suppose it is mainly aimed at the kids, but we are all kids at heart, at least I am.

According to the amount of money you spend you collect stickies for a card. When it is completely full you can get various gardening gifts. I already have two insect hotels, one in each garden: back and front. I have now progressed to the little pots for growing your own seeds. They are so well made: a plastic lined paper bag with compressed earth and three sorts of seeds. Just pour water on the earth and in five minutes it swells up and you can deposit the seeds on it. I prepared mine this afternoon. Parsley, basil and garden cress are the selection. It is very well made with a wooden container and even wooden pegs to write the name of the seeds. I still have enough of the stickies to get a set of small garden tools and perhaps another collection of seed pots.

Little things please little minds, and I now have a new project.

FOWC with Fanndango: Amount

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