14 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Meticulous

  1. I’m very glad we don’t have kids at home to entertain and educate and divert, and I wish the best to all the parents and folks that do have them. I would guess though that many children who might shop there already have some toys–

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  2. That is strange and rather cruel to leave them out in plain sight and refuse to sell them. I don’t suppose many people are taking small children to the shops now but if they were a little kid would not understand that.

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    • It’s a large store selling everything, but we are in lockdown and only food is sold. It is now law that only one person per 10 square meters is allowed into the store.


  3. it is very quiet here. I think the logjam I the grocery is beginning to break. Paper towels and toilet paper are reappearing in stores. Now, if there would be a bit more diversity in food, that would be nice.

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    • Inwas shopping yesterday. If it wasn’t for the threat of the virus, I would find It quite relaxing. Not too many people and enough to buy.. and the roads were almost deserted with most people working at home


    • I havn’t visited our local town of Solothurn since our new restrictions, but living in the country we do not see many people and the weather is great at the moment for being outside. When I drive to the store I see a few people here and there but not very many.


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