RDP Tuesday: Delicate


Here I am sitting out on the porch watching the world go by. It is warm almost hot in the sun, but it feels good in the fresh air. The dandelions are flowering. Nothing delicate about them. Big and yellow and planning a take over big in the meadow. Although just a minute.

Dandelions 30.04.2019

In a few weeks they will be one of the most delicate arrivals in the garden. With a puff of wind they will spread their seeds, ready for new growth.

Dandelion Head

RDP Tuesday: Delicate

9 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Delicate

  1. I like these little puffs. We had plenty of these while growing up in New Jersey, and my dad would get so made when we’d blow on them and make a wish. “We’re going to have weeds on the lawn!” Ah, but such pretty yellow flowers. I don’t see them much down here in Florida. Shame–how do I make a wish?! πŸ˜€

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