Good Morning


Another sunny day, although the bowl of water outside for my cat and other sundry animals was covered with a thin layer of ice this morning. It is now warming up outside and looks like it will be another sunny day. I think we all need a little sun in our lives at the moment.

I am still in voluntary isolation, having enough food without starving. However, tomorrow it is at an end and I will again break out to the local supermarket to see what is on offer. Since the big food panic of 2020 is now over, we can act like normal human beings, being courteous with each other, and push and shove is now a thing of the past.  We have to keep our distance from each other, so if you really have to eat a few cloves of garlic with your meal you can now do it. No-one will get close enough to notice it.

Talking of isolation and protection from the dreaded you know what. I saw a link to a very useful site this morning.I was just going to pass it further, but then I realised it was in German. Anyhow in a nut shell it said that if you would have symptoms of lung problems, not to lay down but stay upright. There is an exercise of raising your arms up and down to clear the airways, also when you are not infected, a few times during the day. Also for the golden oldies like myself particularly, drink enough and regularly. And the lungs need fresh air, so open the windows. Even a draft is fresh air. I found this advice quite good and will be following it myself, every little helps. for those that are versatile in the German language I will include the link here. It is actually a WordPress blog: Coronus Help Tips. I have my niece to thank for the link that she put on Facebook.

And now to return to the normal way of life, if such a thing exists.


There were two crows outside this morning making the most of free food and they seemed to be quite happy. Perhaps it was a pair although I am not so clear who is who in the Crow family.


And of course there were sparrows, one giving a flight demonstration whilst the others pecked away ignoring the efforts.


Or decided to quench their thirst.

I at last got my deep freeze chest yesterday. I must say the two guys that brought were one of the quiet heroes in this mess we have at the moment. They came from the Kanton of Bern, which next to our Kanton and I got an SMS on my telephone to say they were on their way. I decided to go out to the parking place to show them where to go and after three minutes they had arrived. It was then a matter of opening the garage for them to bring it to my laundry room. It really worked well and the two guys had to lift it and walk with it for a short distance. The fitted it up in the room and now it is here. We all kept our distance from each other, we all knew why. It is plugged into the electricity, but the great switch on will be this afternoon after waiting the customary 24 hours for the various liquids in the freezer to settle after transport. I have a few things to put into it, but will get some more when I break out tomorrow.

In the meanwhile I saw there is now an app created by my supermarket, together with the Swiss organisation for golden oldies. You can order your goods and they have various helpers in you area as well as for other parts of Switzerland, that will bring the goods. The people bringing the goods pay for it and are reimbursed from the supermarket afterwards and that is where the problem is. It has not yet really been well organised and many helpers are now refusing to do it, because they are only getting their money two weeks later, so I decided self help is for me easier at the moment.

And now I have been here long enough. There are things to do, even in isolation, like a little housework. I just turned my head outside to see what what happening and our neighbour’s cat, Roschti, was just helping himself to a drink of water.


Have a good day everyone, and don’t forget to do your breathing exercises, keep away from the others and I am giving a virtual wave to everyone. Is it me, or are we getting a little closer in the face of the floating hairy peas in the air, our common enemy. Keep safe


27 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Glad to hear your freezer arrived ok. Hope you can get supplies today. ENGLAND has gone mad overnight with a lockdown
    I’m trying to make an online order for my Dad (97) but just going round in circles – or the site is just overloaded ?
    I’m ok as need to lose quite a few pounds – so going into voluntary Ketosis! 😂😂 at least some good will out for me. Just concerned for Dad- but he survived the war so has the British Stay Calm and Carry On attitude!
    Take care… your post and images are delightful and thank goodness we have our gardens ! 😘

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    • We have had lockdown since a week, but absolutely no problem. I can still go shopping and it’s nice to relax at home. I am glad my dad didn’t have to go through this. He passed away 5 years ago atbthe age of 100 and 7 months.

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  2. Great post. Thank You. I already have time to regret that we didn’t include our old freezer in our international move! But it had nearly 20yrs on its back and although it still worked a marvel, we felt it wasn’t an economical or reasonable decision and now we have our cellar room stuffed with unopened boxes right up to the ceiling and not a sq cm of free space, so that’s that!

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      • it’s not much you’ll have to learn Pat. Just make a list with EVERYTHING you put in that freezer or you’ll forget it and you’ll have to throw stuff out later on. When we moved, I found (to my shame) some meat from 2yrs ago and a pack of frozen pastry apero bites I bought 18mo ago at 25% reduction as they then only were edible (frozen) for another few weeks….. It’s not much considering the size of my freezer but it was annoying me all the same as I don’t like to throw any food away.

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  3. Good morning, it is going to be another day with a mix of clouds and sun. I am happy the freezer has arrive on time.
    Wordpress has informed that I have been blogging for 6 years. Have a relaxing day.

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    • Congratulations to the six years. I have been here now more than 10 years. I think I grew old with WordPress. I am now sitting outside on the porch soaking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air

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  4. So glad your freezer has arrived. We had a good shopping trip yesterday. In one store, all the shelves were marked to only take one of each item. Every shelf!! And most of the shelves were empty, so either no one adhered to that ruling, or one heck of a lot of people shopped and the store has not had time to restock. We just came back from a walk outside, so back inside we go. My husband had a doctor appointment for tomorrow rescheduled for next month. I am supposed to have my last chemo treatment next week, so will wait and see how that goes. Take care, Pat. Roschti is a little cutey–but maybe don’t tell Tabby I said that….

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    • I just did the big switch on of the freezer. Had to wait 24 hours to be certain that the insides were ready. It is in my laudry room downstairs and summs a little whilst working, but I don’t here it up in the appartment. I will now let tt cool down for an hour or two before I put anything in it. How exciting it is. At the age of 73 I have my first freezing chest.

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  5. I’m having a hard time today putting a good face on this. I guess we’re all going to be having good and bad days, and bad in different ways. I’m angry at my government for persisting in this rollercoaster where nothing is solved.

    My county now has two confirmed cases. It took 7 days for the tests results to come back. In another county a man died after his test, but the cause of death was learned, yep, 7 days later when the results came back. Because of the shortage of protective gear for medical professionals, people are sewing masks for them. That’s great and inspiring and stuff but really?

    It’s frustrating and sad to me how this country has degenerated in 3 years since the ascendancy of Offal. He addresses the country every day and I just think of Mussolini when I see him speak. Since I’m a high-risk person with a lung disease part of me is afraid — and another part says, ‘Best thing? Get it and get well.” Of course, I worry about the dogs. BUT I got a nice delivery of toilet paper from Amazon yesterday. I thought of leaving the box outside as a status symbol. 😉

    I guess we are all just hanging in…

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    • I am managing oK and am glad to say our government seems to know what they are are doing. Flump seems to be making a fool of himself, but it is no longer funny, just pathetic. I am also high risk with my MS and diabetes, but am lucky to live in a Kanton with fewer cases (up to now). Life is certainly a mix up at the moment and I just take it as it comes. I managed to stay at home since Sunday, but tomorrow another afternoon shopping, just for an hour and there are few people in the store. It is now all controlled with 1 person per 10 square meters. At least we have enough space to move and keep distance. There is also enough food to buy.

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  6. Hi Mrs A-S, I’ve been reading your Good Mornings every day but skipping the rest . Even though I am home and no longer rushing off to the theater to usher, or to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to take visitors around or plan the Pueblo Film Festival (postponed yet again, alas), I still have a limited amount of time to follow online.
    I wanted to say thank you for the stand-up and wave your arms suggestion; I remember if your little one was coughing, you could stop it by holding their hands up high. Same explanation, I think.
    And as for the chest freezer: it’s a good idea to buy some of those plastic laundry baskets with holes in the sides to put your frozen foods into. You can probably stack them, and if you sort the food into the baskets, it saves you getting frozen hands as you sift through the packages to find the ones you want. Leaning down into the bottom of the freezer is also too hard. But I’m sure you’re already very organized so don’t need this advice. Good luck with it.

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    • Am thankful for any advice. I got six baskets and holders for the box, as well as some extra holders in case of breakage. I can also buy a few more baskets but at the moment I have enough. I don’t havr to bend so much, as they are fixed quite high up.. I am still getting used to the whole thing.


  7. I’m glad it’s over for you (at least for the moment), Pat! — I found your pingback on the site (having gotten there via a completely different, non-wordpress, route and thought: Hello?! I know this name. I also thought it was very interesting. And her answers to some of the questions show that she is very careful with her advice, and very level headed.

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    • I think if you enter “Angloswiss” in Internet, you get many entries of my online past. I also found the article very interesting. As one of the lucky people that have managed to avoid the hairy peas drifing through the air, I am doing what I can to stay this way, although it is fate I suppose. People are behaving very sensibly here, although I live in an area with less cases.

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