FOWC with Fandango: Suspense


Funny how things can change. I am not an easter person, actually I not not a person for religious festivals. I like a chocolate egg or chocolate rabbit, just as much as I like a piece of Christmas pudding., but there are now more important things than Easter to keep us busy. We are not mixing, avoiding meetings of too many people and the Easter bunnies and eggs are just sitting in the stores waiting to be bought.

I never liked the Easter holiday: shops shut on Friday and Monday, with just the Saturday in between for buying food. And then you have to get all the bits and pieces to keep the kids happy. This year I have a feeling it will not be such a big thing and at last I can enjoy an easter holiday without all the stress.

The only suspense involved will be to know if by 12th April our world will be as it had been for many years, without a toilet roll famine or panic buying in the stores.

Easter Duck
FOWC with Fandango: Suspense

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