RDP Sunday: Hang On

Hanging Christmas Lights 06.11.2018

Do we have a choice. These two guys are hanging on. I think they were hanging Christmas lights in town. We are all suspended waiting to be released, so we just hang on. Let us try to forget the whole thing. It is Sunday afternoon, I am sitting in isolation, the sun is shining and everything looks fine. Am I wrong, or is the atmosphere and light somehow cleaner, clearer.

At the moment I am hanging on to get my new deep freezer. I think it is what you call it a chest freezer in english. I got a SMS this afternoon from the company delivering that they will bring it tomorrow afternoon between 1.00 and 3.00 p.m. so what could be better. I am not panic buying, but like to get prepared for an isolation. There is no need to panic buy here. There were a few symptoms a couple of weeks ago, but now people have realised that common sense can rule and we have enough food in the store. I was never a freezer type, always buy fresh goods, unless I might have some frozen fish or French fries,  but have never frozen my own veg or fruit and probably will not begin to: too much work. Just now and again get a special offer and have a stock of something for isolation times.

So have a good hanging on time everyone.

RDP Sunday: Hang On

5 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Hang On

    • I got the idea at the same time as No. 2 son. He has also ordered one and will be getting his next week. I never had to bother with such things, everything was so reliable, but in these times you cannot trust anything.

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  1. I think we have about the same situation here in SK. A few cases, everyone’s taking precautions for the sake of the frail seniors and others at higher risk, but prairie people are common-sense folks, by and large, so there’s no panic. I was shopping yesterday; we can freely enter grocery stores but have to maintain a distance. Banks and restaurants are closed. This will be a very hard time for cooks, I think. 😉

    For the most part our own “seniors” lifestyle hasn’t been affected, so we hang on and carry on. Thanks be for govt pensions! Today we heard the Premier of Quebec gave the order to shut down (the interior part of) shopping malls because too many people were hanging out there — nothing else to do. Schools are shut across the country.

    You’re probably right about the air quality, with factories closing, etc. I wonder if the London “fog” has changed? Here, so much our our manufactured stuff comes from SE Asia these days.

    Anyway, thanks for participating in today’s prompt. 🙂


    • It’s a difficult time for all of us and I would prefer to isolate, but some things are easier said than done. I drive to the store, leave the car only to shop and enter the store from my special parking space for disabled, meaning a very short distance. I meet no one until I get to the checkpoint where I am given an entrance card to shop. There are fewer shoppers, but no panic buying. I leave and drive home, everyone keeping at a distance. I try to cut down my visits. I see no one just having a walkabout, just getting the job done. Oh times have changed.


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