Good Morning


The local Japanese Cherry Tree is making an impact on the scenery. At least we have something bright and friendly to begin the day with. It is a very cold morning and there is a cold wind blowing. I stopped hugging the bed at 7.40 and now it is already 9.15,  I ask myself where the time goes. There was laundry to fold and put away, the cat recycling tray to empty and the birds to feed. Afterwards I emptied the garbage in the kitchen and eventually made my frugal breakfast of two slices of bread and jam. I  then fired up the computer and here I am. Of course I stopped outside for a few minutes to see if there was anything worth a photograph. Our Japanese cherry tree seems to be occupying the local photos at the moment, but it only happens once a year. Soon the blossoms will disappear and the tree will just be sitting there in green until next year again in March.


My hyacinths have also begun to flower. I am quite proud of this one as it began as an offspring. It was just green leaves for a few years and the had a few meagre flower stalks afterwards. Now it is a fully sized hyacinth and arrives every year.


I also noticed that the fire bugs are gathering again in various places and I even saw a few pairs walking around attached to each other in their marital ceremony. I quite like these little creatures. They do no great harm and I think they mainly nibble at the roots of trees for food. They are the first insects to arrive in Spring and one of the last to go in Autumn.

Otherwise life goes on as normal. I again ventured into the supermarket yesterday. I decided to go straight after lunch as I had a few important food items to get that I had forgotten and being Saturday, was not sure if there would be crowds. It was so good to get out and even driving the five minutes to the store was relaxing. I saw perhaps 2 or 3 cars on the way and one or two people on the pavements. No-one was in a rush to go anywhere and the biggest surprise was at the store where there was plenty of space to move. I was greeted at the entrance by a young guy with a spray of anti coronus on my hands and a friendly laugh. I got my entrance card and could  begin to shop. Everything was well organised. They now even had disposable plastic gloves hanging where the fruit and veg is to wear when you take your pick. My shopping is now a little different to how it was. I am really not hamstering food and only buying what I need, but now and again get a little extra. I had a word with the butcher about getting mincemeat (for my spaghetti sauce mainly) and freezing it for later. He said no problem, and vacuumed it nice and flat in plastic. When I got home all I had to do was put it in the freezer for use at a later date. At the moment I am allowed to go shopping and to the chemist according to our government, no problem. Everything else is closed in any case. The lady at the cash desk told me that the police were making a regular appearance at the store to make sure the new hairy pea-coronus laws were being observed. In some places they are already issuing fines when they find that more than 5 people are in a group.

I cannot say things are improving although our Kanton remains stable in the new victims amount. We are lucky to be one of the less affected areas. In one Kanton, Uri, they forbid golden oldies to anywhere, even shopping. They were no longer allowed out. However, they was an outcry and after two days it was cancelled. It is one of the smallest Kantons in Switzerland and up to now have very few cases of the illness. Looking on the good side of a bad thing I am now getting used to the new shopping life and find it less stressful. There is plenty to choose from, perhaps a few items no longer available, but nothing life important. And driving is really smooth running. However I am glad to get back to isolation afterwards. I am now covered for food until next Wednesday and hope daily that this scourge will slowly disappear although it will take time.


And so I wish everyone a good Sunday, and all the mothers with their Sundays, although we will probably only be having contact at a distance – only virtual hugs this year.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yup … now that my wife is teleworking from home .. she sees the daily chores I do each day, laundry, sweep the floor, shake out the rugs, etc… to keep the house clean and functioning ….she is growing a new appreciation for me in retirement …. SLP …

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    • Eveerything has a silver lining somewhere. I managed to programme Mr. Swiss to make the beds every morning and clean the surfaces of the dishwasher, oven and microwave. Every little helps.


  2. Good morning, I love seeing cherry trees in bloom, it means spring has arrived. We will have another spring day with mixed weather, it is forecast for 60 degrees F. I am so tired of reading all the negative reactions that I almost decided to limit my news time. Occasionally, there is a positive item. Stay safe and hugs. Betty


  3. Good morning, Pat. That would be a good thing for our stores to have–gloves for the fresh produce. All we have now are bleach wipes to use on the shopping carts, although I will take whatever they provide. Forbidding seniors to go out at all……what were they thinking? We have to shop, too! Glad that was quickly changed. The cherry tree is beautiful. Take care.


    • We get a hand spray when we enter the store and our shopping carts are wiped down at least twice a day with disinnfection. The gloves can only be used once, but at least it keeps everything under control.

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  4. Owen went to the grocery this morning and picked up some mozzarella cheese, rolls, some English muffins. Unless we manage to get to the store before 7 in the morning (ARRGH!), I doubt we’ll see pasta or paper goods so sooner or later, we’ll have to do it. Regular food seems to be okay, though they have shut down the delicatessen, butcher, and fish departments — I suppose because they were too hard to keep clean. The rest of the store is open, though. Who would have thought that by now, The only steadily employed workers would be trash collectors, grocery store workers, gas station attendants, cops, firefighters, and every kind of medical worker? Literally, life has turned on its head.

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    • It’s the same here, although the supermarket is still fully working in the food range. the butcher that sells the meat over the counter was telling me it is getting quite boring as he has so few customers at the moment, only a certain amount of people being allowed in the store at the moment. I said he could perhaps clean out the deepfreeze as a joke. He laughed and said it is now so clean and organised, there is nothing more to do with it. As I said up to now it is functioning well in the stores and we have everything with a few exceptions that I can easily live without. It is a matter of adjustment and thinking ahead for me. I got a telephone message today to confirm that me deep freezer will be delivered tomorrow afternoon, so some things are still functioning here. I noticed some countries (GB and I think USA and Germany) are also organising times for golden oldies to shop, but at 7-8 or 6-8 in the morning. do they think we old folks sleep with our hat on? I do my shopping in the middle of the afternoon and that seems to be a good time. I do not have to rush and get it done in the morning. Food supplies are working OK at the moment. I have a few packs of cold cuts in the fridge and some cheese to get us through and also have enough meat and fresh veg up until Wednesday. Could even push it to Thursday, but I hope will not be necessary. I might even do an extra tour on Tuesday. The roads are so empty at the moment.


  5. I try to not read much about the ‘situation’ in other posts. Most of what I read is supposed to be about horticulture, rather than about daily life, like your blog is. I made a point of not writing about it either. Everyone who writes is writing about it. I do happen to lack pictures though. Most come from work, and I am not going to work now. Actually, I do not even want to go to work to see what I am missing. My earliest flowering cherries bloomed already, and there was no one here to see them. This will be their last bloom, since I will cut them down this year. The others should be blooming about now. I suppose I should go into town to get some pictures. I am sure that the flowers are happy to bloom, even without an audience, like Marta Becket’s performances at the Amargosa Opera House.

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