4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. In Germany we have crime scene tape (they ran out of building site tape) to remind us of staying away from the fresh meat counter and keeping a distance from the other customers (apparently a problem with old folk who like to come closer to look at the sausages on offer which they can’t see from 1.50 metres away – also I had to shout my order – I never noticed that a supermarket is inherently loud) and the same at the tills. But in the shops that also sell toys or clothes as well as food these things are still accessible.

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    • The grocery section and household goods is still open, but all other articles, such as toys are sealed off. Your supermarkets sound like a scene from “Tatort” where they have the crime scene tape eveywhere, almosta television film. Every country in Europe seems to be doing its own thing. I am quite happy with the way the Swiss government are dealing with it up to now.

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