6 thoughts on “March Photo a Day Challenge: 21. Elegance

  1. It was a time people dressed up more. Even into the 1960s, people dressed up to take an airplane or train trip, go to church or the movie theatre. I find it mildly amusing to watch old films where the bad guys are wearing nice suits and fedoras while they commit their crimes, and, always, they have cigarettes in their mouths. Of course, the same code of dress applies to the good guys, too! LOL!

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    • I remember in my younger days that you always wore something smart when you were going anywhere. Today a pair or blue jeans and t-shirt or top is the new Sunday best. And we ladies would wear nylons. Although I must say that is one thing I am glad is no longer so popular. They were so uncomfortable. Our local gangsters in the East End lf London alwys wore suits.


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