Good Morning


May it be sunny or misty, it makes no difference. Our planet still has a morning and despite the invisible little hairy peas everywhere nature is still making an appearance. Perhaps the environment disciples (thinking of Greta Thunberg) are now happy that we are no longer destroying our environment, we now have a virus that is doing it for us, because we have shut down and no-one is working.

Yesterday I was not here very often, just in the morning to say hello. I was on a forbidden trip to the store for food which actually went quite well. They let me in, I was given a card of admittance which I had to give back when I left. First of all they sprayed it with disinfection liquid before giving it to me. Me being me, I had to be carefully that I did not lose it on my way through the aisles of the store. I eventually got home and realised that a couple of important things were forgotten. I was so busy concentrating on getting everything and covering our needs for a little longer, that I forgot what I needed for the week-end so today I will be on my way again: just for a few items. I do not intend staying long in the outside world. Everyone was keeping nice safe distances to each other in the store and there seems to be a feeling of togetherness in the air, although I am sure that if one day we will be living a virus free life again, it will all be forgotten and we will look back on it all as something for the history books.

I had a little perk yesterday, just really a very tiny one. I read that our medics are trying normal drugs out on cases of coronus, and in a few cases have found an improvement with certain drugs, particularly one used for Aids problems. Of course it is a small, very small, hope, but that is all we have at the moment. I was on the phone with No. 2 son who lives on the other side of Switzerland and we both realise that it will be a long while until we see each other again. He is OK and his family. They live near the German border and see it from their garden. I also spoke to my friend in London. London is one of the harder hit areas in Britain, which it not surprising looking at the dense population. They have now also closed all restaurants and places where large congregations of people are. It seems the panic buying continues and the search for a toilet roll. Our government has now forbidden more than 5 people in a group.


As I was leaving the store yesterday I looked back and saw almost empty areas, the tills are on the left of the photo.  I only had to walk to my car on the right where you can see the black band and was glad to be on the way home again. Perhaps I can show these pictures to my grandchildren in the future, if we have one again.

Otherwise it is so quiet. When I got my car from the underground garage at home I noticed it was full of cars. No-one goes anywhere at the moment unless they have to. People are busy in their gardens or just sitting outside enjoying the weather.

And enough of dark thoughts. As long as our local cherry tree is flowering, we have something positive to see even if it does look a little fuzzy through the mist.


Have a good day everyone, take it as it comes and hope for the best.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Stay alert, not anxious, that is what Dr Mike from Youtube says – a young family doctor from New York.

    For a while the grandchildren and you will only see each other on screen, that is ok. It keeps Grandma and Grandpa around a little longer!

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    • We are lucky to live in a Kanton (at the moment) that is not so strongly infected and there are a lot of big wide spaces. I am now slowly geting used to the new way of life. It is not fun but I am gradually adapting and counting the blessings I have. I wish you all the best in this time of difficulty.

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        • I would be in the higher risk group having diabetes, but it seems my MS does not qualify for a higher risk. I do not inject for my diabetes. I don’t think there will be any Corona Virus parties here. We are not alloved to have more than 5 people in a group.


  2. More and more cases are being reported in South Africa. We are currently staying on our daughter’s farm and she is not allowing us to go home! She is insisting that we stay away from town and people as at our age we’re “vulnerable” At least we have wide-open spaces to enjoy here and it is still warm enough to enjoy the swimming pool too. Our grandchildren’s schools are closed until further notice.

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  3. After closing all bars, restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, schools and churches, they finally closed down the beaches yesterday. We are allowed outside but even on our walk, runners and dog walkers gave each other a very wide path. Be careful, Pat. Stuff that freezer as soon as it arrives!

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    • I will but shopping here is very comfortable at the moment. No crowd and very well organised. we have enough stocks of food in the stores and there is really no need for panic buying. I have now started to freeze stuff that I never freeze because I buy fresh, but it is easy enough to do. We have orders to keep a good distance to others, and there is only 1 person per 10 square meters allowed in the supermarkets. Everything else has been closed since a week.


  4. Good morning, the skies are clear right but clouds could arrive anytime. Nurses are being laid o to the fact there not many surgeries are occurring. Have a safe trip to the store and lots of hugs.

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  5. Now that so much is closed, and so few can go to work, and we all are supposed to be avoiding each other, I am seeing more people than ever around here. So many want to go on long walks out in the woods, which, of course, brings them here. I took Rhody to the abandoned baseball field thinking that we would be alone there, but I came back to get away from everyone. I think I might go to where I work tomorrow, just to see what is blooming. It is rather sad that the rhododendrons will be in full bloom soon, and there will be no one there to see them. Well, I won’t be sad about it, even if I am one of only a few who appreciates them.

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    • The situation seems to be similar in Britain. Everyone going out and together with others. Here it is more remote and you can go out and be on your own. We get a fine if we are more than two people together. It used to be five, but that has changed. I am glad that people are being sensible about it,

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  6. Hey, it’s be a long while since I’ve been writing – work kept me busy, and being in Singapore, still not on lockdown – but I’ve just realigned my priorities and made my way here and was greeted by your wistful yet nonetheless beautiful writing. It made me feel a little sad but positive at the same time. Please take care, yourself and your family too. Much love.

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