RDP Thursday: Hold my Hand


Holding hands is now a thing of the past. Our supermarket now has new rules and regulations and I must say I do not blame them. We have already been told to keep our distance to the others, which is working very well.

If I now go to the supermarket I have to wait at the entrance until I am given a card telling me that I have admittance and must return it when I leave. The new rules are that not more than one person per 10 square meters is allowed. Mr. Swiss assured me that our supermarket has many square meters and plenty of people will have room. I had a look in Internet, but although the store has a web page there is no mention of how big it actually is. Tomorrow I am going for my week-end shopping, so I am hoping they will let me in.

They have also put high plastic protection next to the cash desks for the people working there. I find that very sensible as working in a supermarket at the moment is not a desirable job.

I never did hold hands in the local supermarket with anyone, and very rarely otherwise, not even Mr. Swiss. Now the only thing I seem to be holding in my hands lately is my protective gloves or at home a bar of soap. Yes times are changing.

RDP Thursday: Hold my Hand

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Hold my Hand

  1. Garry’s cousin sent a picture of her going shopping wrapped up like a mummy in scarves and hats and gloves. She said she was “entering the valley of the shadow of death.” I just decided not to think about it yesterday. I just went and did it as fast as I could and was grateful to get out of there!

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  2. My store just has a different feel to it, no longer the friendly sociable place where rural people get to see (gasp!) other human beings. I do not have to go back until a week from Sunday when, presumably, I’ll be out of bananas. Switzerland (no surprise) has it figured out well.

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    • We are lucky in Solothurn with fewer cases than other parts, but it could change. It is the uncertainty not knowing what the government will order next. People are badically remaining sensible up to now.

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