Good Morning


And another day begins in my part of the world. The sun has risen and the birds are singing and the news of the day is I just received my MS medicine – wonders happen. I should have had it last week, but it was blocked on the German border most probably. I got a call yesterday that I would definitely receive it today. Even the post guy that brought it knew I would be happy to receive it. I am now covered for the next three months and that is the main thing. I also checked on Internet with the link to the official Swiss branch for MS illness as I wanted to know how it is with this Corona virus and was reassured. Of course being a golden oldie and having MS is negative, but MS affects all ages and I just happen to be towards the end of the scale. Anyhow it seems that I can continue with my meds, and there is no need for worry, at least not more worry: another reassuring factor. At the same time I had a look on how the situation is in Switzerland with these little hairy menaces wafting around. It seems that our Kanton/State, together with a few others, is one of the areas less affected. Of course we also have a few cases, but nothing in comparison to other areas.


I ventured out to the supermarket yesterday which is open. As it is in a complex with other stores, they were all closed. I walked past the supermarket restaurant and saw it was all blocked with a black band.


My opticians were also sealed off, so no new glasses for now. Luckily I do not need any.  One of the TV programmes where our government expert was answering questions from the public was interesting. He was asked whether it would be OK to have an operation for a glaucome at the moment. His answer was no, and he was very well informed as he should have such an operation himself, but has postponed it until things are “normal” again.

I managed to get everything I needed yesterday at the store and probably as it was mid afternoon it was pleasant shopping: no great crowds and the shelves were normally full.  Everyone was keeping their distance when waiting at the till. I think we will all have to learn semaphore eventually to communicate. I think I still know how to do it from my guide days.You could even buy toilet paper, although I now have enough. Next week my new big deep freezer will be delivered on Monday, so I will have more room for provisions. I am not a panic buyer, but Mr. Swiss and I both being somewhat disabled, want to be sure of having enough food at home. Today I am having an isolation day more or less but perhaps I might venture out this afternoon. People have become rare and I am curious to see what an empty town looks like. My No. 2 son goes into town now and again but everything is closed and wandering around in the open fresh air is apparently not so dangerous, at least in our area. We have lots of forest, and a river runs through it. 

And I found my missing telephone, although I now have a new one – an expensive loss. As I was preparing to leave my car in the garage yesterday I hear a thump and realised that my new iPhone had fallen out of my pocket. Made a not to self to never keep my mobile phone in the jacket pocket. I searched around in the car and found had settled in a slot next to my seat. I then decided to look further and yes, there is was. My lost phone was wedged further down out of site. Now I have two phones although only one that communicates. Naturally my new phone is the more advanced model, and I am now debating what to do with my other good quality phone. Mr. Swiss does not want it as he is happy with the phone he has. Face identification is not his thing. At the moment I am having a streak of luck, but let’s not get too self assured. The next obstacle to conquer is probably not far away.


I even managed to capture a crow in flight with my new phone camera as it winged its way past. I wish you all a good day, and of course the best of health. One day this scourge will disappear I am sure, but it will need patience.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wonderful photos … life is grinding to a halt everywhere …. just hang tight, count your blessings, things will get better in a few weeks, and by then it will be Spring … for sure …. SLP …

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  2. Good Morning. You should see how pretty it is here today. I have no pictures. The weather is perfect for working in the garden. I am told that the sky over Los Angeles is clearer than anyone can remember, and all the freeways are flowing freely. I have not been to San Jose in a while, but I sort of want to, just to drive around without traffic.

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    • Sounds good. Here too we have wonderful clear blue skies and it is warm. I am sitting outside on the porch with my computer and enjoying the warmth. I think I would also like to go to San Jose, but it is a little too far. Driving without traffic are the best roads.

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  3. You had wonderful news today–found your phone and received your medicine. I am very relieved about your meds. My husband had to go to the hospital for lab work today and had a thorough check before he was even allowed in the hospital. While he did that, I went to the grocery stores and, although the lines were long, everyone was so polite. It was actually a pleasant experience. Pat, it is so good to see your posts in my Inbox each day. Take care of you and Mr Swiss. And, of course, Tabby.

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    • I think even the postman was glad for me. Slowly people are changing , it reminds me of what my mum told me about war time, everyone got closer, they all had something in common. My next shopping trip is tomorrow and I am wondering how it will turn out. We have enough produce, but entrance to the stores is now reduced. Glad you like my good mornings. Sometimes I have something new to say and sometimes not so much.

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  4. Aside from our bizarre preoccupation with hoarding toilet paper, so far so good. Like you, our area has been very minimally hit and with the schools closed and no events happening here — we HAVE no events here — I think we’ll do better than Boston and other more populated areas. We worry some, of course, but so far so good.

    This being the first day of official spring, it is also the coldest, most wintry day since last December. But by tomorrow, the sun will be back and we have flowers! Outside flowers!

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    • Each Kanton/State must follow he central government, but can add to it according to their own ideas. One Kanton, Uri, has a very small population as it is mainly mountains, and have only 2 cases up to now of the virus. However, today they have forbidden all people over the age of 65 to leave their house: no shopping, only visits to the hospital are allowed if necessary. They must get their help from the neighbours or offical places. I find that a little too much.
      We are doint OK in our area, but have been lucky that not too many cases have occurred. Italy is in a bad way and today they announced that the amount of fatalities is now more than China had.
      We had a wonderful day today. Sunshine and very warm and the flowers are now everywhere.


  5. Back in the iPod days, my friend’s fell out of his back pocket, between my car seat and seat back, eventually making it under the seat. It was four years before it showed up. In my remote valley, we have no cases of C-19, but we’ve only had testing for a few days so who knows really. We’re all just avoiding others, but no one would live here if that weren’t their fundamental tendency anyway. I miss the occasional meetings with my friends — but it seems we miss each other at the same time because yesterday and today we’ve had some kind of contact. I feel sorry for my friend who has family in cities — 3 hours north and 3 hours south. It could be a long time before they see each other.

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    • There was a general problem with medications it seems. Mine was probably blocked in Germany. I have Betaforen and it comes from Bayer. I now have enough for three months. Who knows how long this will last? I have one foot in the engish TV and the other in the Swiss and they are not always saying the same thing, but mostly.


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