RDP Wednesday: In Cold Blood


My new disguise when I go shopping and although I belong to the golden oldie group with underlying illnesses, whatever they may be, with the right protection you can conquer everything. I really did not want to go today, but it was necessary and so I ventured into the unknown on my own, not knowing what would await me.

It was the best shopping afternoon I had done in many weeks. People were few and we all kept our distance from each other. I then saw a shopper, a man, with protective plastic gloves handling vegetables. I decided I should also do the same, but gloves are now sold out. I then took two of those disposable plastic bags to cover each hand and felt safer. I eventually arrived at the butchers for my meat. The guy knows me and we of course had a little conversation about …… you know what, we all talk about the same today.

He took pity on my plastic bag covered hands and gave me a proper pair of gloves to wear, what a lovely man. In the meanwhile I have returned home safe and sound and we now have enough food until my next safari on Friday for the week-end shopping. And the supermarket has full shelves again. We are saved.

RDP Wednesday: In Cold Blood

12 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: In Cold Blood

  1. I shopped yesterday for, I think, at least 10 days because I will be out of bananas. The store yesterday was surreal. There was one little old man decked out in mask and gloves, looking suspiciously at everyone. There were lots of shopping cart traffic jams because people didn’t want to pass too closely to anyone. I’m a high-risk person because I have asthma but really getting the virus and surviving is the best outcome, still, I’d rather not.

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    • At the moment both of us are OK. My son still goes to work every morning. I saw a lady in the store this afternoon with a mask and gloves. I also now have a pair of gloves to wear. I don’t think my hands have ever been so clean for years with all the washing I do. I saw quite a few golden oldies today doing their shopping and I must say it was really quite pleasant. the shelves are full of goods, we have enough supplies and as long as our government does not put down a complete shut down for golden oldies, I can manage.

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  2. We were out today and there was certainly plenty of room in the stores. There were plenty of vegetables and whatever fruit we get this time of year. No chicken and no idea why no chicken. No chopped meat. Bought some steak, a bit overpriced but we needed some dinner. Hot dogs. Frozen pizza. A couple of corned beef one of which is currently in the pot. Onions. Couldn’t find frozen potatoes so in a moment of brilliance, bought regular potatoes. No pasta, but a bit of sauce. We still have some pasta at home. No paper goods at all which I truly don’t understand. By now, surely every hoarder has filled his or her space? There were only four loaves of bread, but they were the only ones Garry likes so I bought them and a fresh loaf of Italian bread.

    Our economy is crashing. It is lower today than it was in 2008. Everything is closed and I have no idea how people are going to get through this. Maybe that’s why they are hoarding, because who knows if they will have money for food later?

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    • i also went shopping today and found everything I wanted and have now stocked up a bit on a few extras. it was also quite pleasant as it was not overcrowded. I was glad to get it all behind me and now can isolate until Friday. They have now stocked up well on missing goods, frozen and normal. I managed to get mincemeat for spaghetti tomorrow. Still no tinned tomatoes, pomodoro, but I still have two tins at home.


  3. I was lucky that the supermarket agreed to deliver to me as I am isolated but there were a lot of items that were unavailable. No paper goods, no dry dog food (are people hoarding that now?), no long-life milk, no pasta, no tea. I am not desperate for most of these items yet although I am getting low on margarine. Our local shop has butter but it is nearly $7 for 250g so I’m holding off buying it for now. I will have to try and get some of these things and had hoped to do that today but my ride did not turn up so I will have to see if I can find someone going shopping that I can tag along with as the taxi fare is prohibitive.

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    • The authorities here said from the beginning that we have enough for everyone and there is no need to panic buy, but it didn’t stop people and there were many empty shelves because of it. Now it has quietened down a bit. We can order online for goods to be delivered, but they are completely overbooked and there are now waiting times. I am still going shopping and now the big panic seems to be over. The shelves are now full and we even have enough toilet paper 😃. It’s the panic buyers that have made it worst for everyone.

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