Good Morning


I am here and so is the sun. At the moment  I am glad for every more or less healthy day that exists. No-one knows how things will develop. Living in a small village I just see the world around me, and that is still normality. The birds are singing in the morning, the flowers are blooming and at home the normal routine, although not quite.

I need medicine for my MS since a week and have not yet received  it. It is ordered and my contact person is waiting for a delivery to cope not only for me, but other patients. It has been promised  and now the day should be Thursday. It comes from a German producer, Bayer, and so I had a suspicion that was confirmed this morning. I had to organise medicine for Mr. Swiss and I always phone in the morning to the chemist, to see if they have enough supplies. The chemist does not stock a lot but within half a day gets what it needs and I am going in the afternoon. At the same time I asked the lady if she knew why certain medicine is not available as usual. She said they just cannot produce enough at the moment. I also have a suspicion that because my MS med comes from Germany, they are looking after their own people first. Germany have closed their borders and are no longer so interested in what is happening in other countries.  My contact for my medicine informs me every day whether she has received the delivery and is keeping me in the picture, but it has already been postponed three times. I am now hoping for Thursday. When I have it it will be enough for three months. We are really going through hard times.

I must go shopping this afternoon for food. It is no great problem and the stores are gradually getting organised. In the afternoon there are not so many people, they all crowd in the morning to grab before it is sold out, although the rush for standards such as frozen goods and tinned goods is now over – I hope. I should actually not be out, as they say that people over 65 years old and with complaints should stay at home. Big deal if possible. Up to now I have survived. Just keep a distance and wash your hands I suppose. Yesterday a village restaurant sent a weekly menu. We can order lunch to be delivered which is also quite a good thing.  That would not be so cheap, but now and again a good idea. The local village authorities have also organised a bit of a help line for those that cannot get out. I have my own car, the store is not so far, and so I continue more or less as usual.


My photos are a little few and far between, but now and again perhaps the help to give a little normality. I found my back garden was looking OK in the sunlight this morning.

My son was in town yesterday. His usual afternoon routine is to visit various stores and his favourite café. Now it is all closed. Even our restaurant mile along the river side is empty. There were a few groups of kids trying out their roller skates on the street he told me. We do not have a complete lock down here, and walks outside are in order. Apparently outside the dreaded virus can scatter and gets very much weakened in its power. It is areas where people are more together where it can become a problem.

And I just got a telephone call that my new deep freezer will be delivered next week on Monday, so let us try to continue as normal with no problems.

I am now off for a shower and general clean of the apartment. I just have to keep myself busy and not try to think of this Damocles Sword hanging over our heads. Keep safe everyone, whether isolated or not


17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Life is the same for us, Pat. I’m grateful that I can still take and edit photos to help pass the time. I’m sorry that your medication is delayed! My husband and I took a walk together yesterday afternoon and I was distracted talking and tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. My face is a mess, but, luckily, I didn’t have to go to emergency and very few people are going to see me while it heals!. I took a meal to a friend who is going through chemo and stopped at the supermarket for her. Stay healthy.

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    • Good news, I am getting my meds tomorrow. We have a big problem in Europe because many countries have closed their borders and Germany, where my meds are produced, are one of them. But they have shipped it today and I will receive it by special delivery tomorrow. Sorry about your accident and hope you soon recover. I am still going shopping now and again. In the aafternoon the store is almost empty and I have such a good parking spot for the handicapped, so no problem.

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  2. Good morning…. such a thoughtful photo of your yard … waiting for spring … soon we will forget all about our current troubles and go pick the new flowers for a fresh table bouquet … Have a geat day … SLP …

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    • I very much hope so, my flowers at home are mainly orchids. they last so long and are so pretty. We are having wonderful spring weather at the moment, really warm.


  3. Good morning, I hope that your shopping trip is okay and your medicine arrives tomorrow. Our weather is changeable and it sunning out now. For some reason, I am extremely tired and plan to stay in bed.

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    • It was a good shopping trip. Not far to go with the car and not many people. the store is now full of goods again and my meds are arriving tomorrow thank goodness. What a week that has been.

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      • Kathy is back from her trip got everything except one. The store was wiping cart and drying them between used. There was only one entrance to the store. A line but moving fast. It has been a tension felt week. Just one dy at a time.


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