RDP Tuesday: Clean


The first afternoon of the year when the sun is shining and I am sitting outside on the porch getting myself cleansed. There was a report this week that temperatures of 56° C kill the Corona virus. OK, we are perhaps at 25 outside on my Porch at the moment, but every little helps. My hands have never been so clean, washing them regularly.

Mr. Swiss was in despair this morning when he used the last of the liquid in the dispenser. Luckily I had a reserve liquid which was a birthday gift from my usual chemist shop. I then reminded him that I also have a full refill bag with about 750 ml in the cupboard. And now he is happy again, knowing that our clean hands are saved. I did actually want to buy a second bag of refill, but they were out of them in the supermarket. Who wonders? Everything is up for grabs at the moment and people are even fighting over the last toilet roll.

By the way, do you know why Asian people so not use their left hand when eating? They generally do not use knives and forks, they eat with their hands and have their own customs. The left hand has a cleaning purpose. I will not go into detail, but they do not have a toilet paper problem. Neither will we if there is none left and use our common sense.  I remember a visit to Morocco with Mr. Swiss and we had to change planes in Casablanca. It was also an opportunity to have a toilet break. As we entered the toilet there was a lady standing before the door with a roll of toilet paper in her hand. As we entered she tore a few leaves off and that was all you got to use. In that country there is no panic buying.

So stay clean and if you are living is isolation there will always be something to do. When reading a book gets boring, then clean something you should have cleaned some time ago. There is no reason now to postpone it. Unless, of course, you have no cleaning liquid, due to panic buying. 🙂

RDP Tuesday: Clean

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Clean

  1. Naomi sent me a list she found on the internet “10 Fun Things To Do While You Are Stuck At Home” or some such title. About half the list was cleaning chores. “Do your laundry”,” Clean out your wardrobe” etc. While I agree that it is a good idea to use some of that extra time on your hands to do a few jobs that have been put off I agree with her that these are not fun tasks to do, they are chores. Possibly the fact that we both worked as cleaners for years means that we don’t find joy in cleaning. A rather lazy effort at a list we thought.

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