Good Morning


What a wonderful sunrise, although the actual rising had already happened. When I leave my bed the sun is already up and waiting.

Things are changing in the little lives that we are leading and nothing is as it was. Yesterday my cleaning lady called to ask how we are. I told her feeling as usual and nothing new. We said it was OK to come this morning. This morning we had second thoughts and decided that under the current situation it would perhaps be better if she did not come. I am feeling as usual, no cough or fever and Mr. Swiss as well, but it is the feeling of what might happen and so I called her and said it would perhaps be better to leave it at the moment. She fully understood and her first reaction was if I needed anything from the store I should call her and she would bring it for me. What a lovely person she is and I was very grateful for her offer.

We live a little off the main road in a village and the average age of our neighbours is about the same as ours, but do not really have anyone that we would impose on for help. Switzerland has lock down in a few distant towns, but not in the state where we are living. We are advised to stay at home, which is very well, but you cannot buy groceries at home. We can order it to be delivered, but the system is totally overloaded at the moment. The 24 hour delivery time is now a week. I decided to maintain my usual time table yesterday although went an hour earlier to the store. Our government were preparing new rules and regulations to daily life, to be announced in mid afternoon. I decided to go while the going was good, no knowing if they suddenly gave out a complete lock down.

Shopping was easy. Parking places were normal, even a little better, and the store was not overcrowded, but it never is in the afternoon. It seems the big rush was on Monday morning with everyone grabbing what they could. The store workers were very busy filling up the shelves with the deliveries they had got in the meanwhile. As I left the store, there were two delivery trucks outside with more goods.  Our government had assured us that there were enough provisions in Switzerland to feed us all and it was completely unnecessary to make hamster buying.

Another annoying phrase I have is isolation. Most governments are advising it is the best method to keep the flying peas away from us. This is all very well. If I was single, did not have family to look after and only had to care for myself, it would be so easy. No matter how much you store, it would never last for the months ahead and so isolation does not come into the question. Of course I stay at home in the area when I can, but now and again I have to go out. I am fed up with reading and seeing on the TV reports about how people are isolating. My mum always said “choice would be a fine thing”.


Some things still stay normal and our big bird has returned. He arrives every Spring and always sits at the top of the same tree. At first I was not sure what it is, but I think it is a so-called wood pigeon, so nothing exotic. It coos very loudly sitting on the tree and sounds like a pigeon.


The crows have also arrived in the meanwhile for their peanut and walnut breakfast.


And so have the sparrows, just a normal day in our garden.

And now to carry on with my normal day, as normal as it can get. I was planning on yet another trip to the store today, but decided no. I am not joining the panic people. I even now have two cans of mixed veg, although I am not a can person. I am sure the supermarket will not disappear tomorrow and I have decided to just stay at home in isolation, not quite. Mr. Swiss is isolating with me and I am sure we will find something to pass the time.

Have a good day wherever you are and make the most of it. One thing is sure, at the moment there are no exceptions. We are all in the same boat.


24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wise words, PaT. For unknown reasons WP has decided that I no longer receive your posts and I had to re-enrol…. this is annoying but still, in the greater picture, nothing of any concern to any body.
    I now shall visit my postal office and hopefully get some stamps…. if they are working?!

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    • Now you have arrived and that is the main tbing. Tbe post office in the village there my Migros is closed down, and now they have installed it in the supermarket customer service. I am glad, I can now send any letter I have from there.


  2. “Isolation” and “with an abundance of caution” are the two phrases that have become everyday use. Our grocery stores are having special hours for the ‘older’ population to shop. I don’t know…..we can get pretty feisty if they are sold out. You and Mr Swiss take care, Pat. Your cleaning lady sounds wonderful, too!


    • Every country seems to have their own methods, I am very much between Britain and Switzerland following both TV channels. Sold out is not quite the thing here, you can always shop for fresh veg and meat. it is the frozen goods and canned that are popular with the panic people. I wish they would also have special hours for us here. anyhow we do not live in a densely populated area and there is plenty of room in the supermarket to move without getting too close to the people. My cleaning lady is a gem and such a nice person.

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  3. This whole ‘situation’ was not bothering me much as I started to read this. Then, I went next door after the first few sentences to put coffee on, and turn on the heat for the crew. (It is still a slightly cool in the morning.) No one came. Rhody was bounding about the meeting room, expecting them to show up at any moment. The coffee finished brewing. Still, no one arrived. They were all instructed to ‘self-isolate’. Now, I am worried. I know that every one of the crew can take care of their families for a long time without going anywhere. However, I do not know how long the infrastructure here will function without them.

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    • That sounds very dramatic, Plants do not wait for people. Our self isolation is voluntary and we can still move around, although all restaurants and other public places are now closed down Only the food stores are open.

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      • We can do the same, although we try to avoid going out in public. We just can not go to work without the revenue for or paychecks. (Revenue is generated by guests who come here for events, but are now unable to do so.) I was the first of the crew to be dismissed, but was able to reassign the more important of my tasks. The young man who mows the vast lawns was also dismissed, so I was able to get someone else from another department to do that, since lawns can not be neglected. Now that we are all dismissed, there is no one left to mow the lawns. While it is cool, they can recover from a harsh mowing after a week, and probably two, but I am very concerned about the lawns. Once we are able to mow them, they will need a week or two to recover.

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  4. I’m getting a bit weary of blogging lately. Normally, there isn’t a lot going on around here, but now, there’s NOTHING going on here. We have to shop tomorrow. We will run out of food if we don’t. I don’t get to go out. I’m too vulnerable so I get to stay home. I think I need to go read a book.

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    • I understand you completely. These are scary times. I have to go shopping today and would rather not. I never know what will await me at the store. I have to pick my times carefully and avoid crowds. I am getting offers of Shopping help from various places, but up to now I am managing. I feel OK, but who knows what the future holds. I have been almost a week without my MS meds , but my contact ladybird keeping me informed. I am not alone and there are a few of us waiting. The latest news is Thursday and I am hoping. I also don’t have a lot to blog about at the moment. I am missing my normal life a lot.


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