RDP Monday: Delightful


It’s a delightful day today, a real Spring event with sunshine and warmth. A pleasure to be alive.

It nearly got ruined for me, but I made a good decision. Our government were again having conferences about our Corona virus problems. I was really getting worried. Of course I always have some food reserves at home, but what if we have a Swiss shut down. I had visions of empty cupboards and no food. I decided to go shopping straight after lunch dreading that there would be queues outside the store and nothing left.

How wrong can you be? When I arrived there were parking spaces more than enough and I even snapped my favourite one, next to the entrance. Would there still be food left?  It seems this morning was a complete invasion.


This was the fridge containing a meat selection. They had to lower the blinds as it was now empty.

It seems there was panic buying the whole morning. I spoke to one of the young guys that fills up the shelves. He said it was like a Saturday morning when everyone buys for the week-end. One customer bought half of the supplies of coffee cream, about 30 bottles.

It was now afternoon and I must say it was really pleasant to shop. I even managed to buy two large cans of vegetable. I don’t usually cook tinned food, but if Mr. Swiss or I are forced to isolate, then who cares whether it is tinned or not. No big crowds. Perhaps a little less goods than usual, but the assistants were busy filling up the shelves and when I left I drove past the goods entrance where there were two large trucks delivering new goods.

Our government decided that there will be no lock down at the moment and told everyone that there is enough food and people should stop panic buying, it is not necessary. And I now feel a lot better. However I have learned a lesson to always have food reserves and perhaps to buy a little extra now and again. There is now a new law in our country. All restaurants will now be closed from this evening to prevent gatherings of people.

RDP Monday: Delightful

7 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Delightful

  1. Our grocery stores are closing earlier (to stock and sanitize) and some are putting a limit on certain supplies…..TP being one of them. I am trying to change hotel reservations we have for next month (this was planned 2 months ago when we were all healthy!) and running into a bit of a problem. I just want change, not cancel, but the phone lines and website are so jammed…..the wait is forever. I will just be patient and wait my turn. I am glad you did get to stock up, though. It is a good feeling to have reserves. Take care, Pat. Make sure Tabby is well fed. I think she would let us know if you were not keeping things up to snuff with her. 😀

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    • I always order bulk for Tabby and she has enought until June. My son has a two week holiday in Italy in Summer, but I already told him, perhaps it will not take place. He is autistic and haas been going with the same group for the past 10 years. How our life is changing. Mr. Swiss just said good that we have 20 toilet rolls. I made him happy when I told him, actually 30, because I have another10 rolls in my laundry room.

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