Good Morning


Bright and sunny this morning, so what could possibly go wrong. I am glad for every day that I experience the sunrise. There used to be a time when I might make plans to go places and see things and enjoy the weather, microscopic hairy pea shapes have changed it all. We are not exactly in lock down, like some border Kantons, but are prepared for anything. I intend to go shopping this afternoon, I have to, otherwise famine will set in, but I just hope to find something. Mr. Swiss tells me to order online. A very good idea and so I had a look yesterday what to order. Forget it. Even the panic horders have ruined that. There is a waiting time to get into the web site, about 10 minutes and when you eventually arrive the wait continues. They used to deliver the next day, but now you have to wait until Friday.

I made an extra step yesterday and ordered a freezer cabinet online. I only have a refrigerator size deep freeze which is really only for the bare necessities. and decided to get something bigger. I have room in my laundry room. I got a good deal and it should be delivered some time this week. I am also waiting for a refill of my MS medicine. Even that was delayed last week. I have to inject every second day and ordered it last week on Monday, knowing I would have enough until Friday. Even that was delayed and they had delivery problems. It is now programmed for today, which is actually a day late for my routine. However, the lady that organises it contacted my neurologist and he said that if I miss out a day or even two it makes no big difference. She confirmed that it had been sent last Friday by quick post, three parcels, and it should arrive today. At least when it arrives I will have enough for the next three months. This has never happened before, and generally I get the refill at once. Life is no longer as it was.

Mr. Swiss just stopped hugging the bed and his first question was whether I knew anything new. I reassured him no. I really do not want anything new to happen, but you never know. Our government has now stopped its sessions in the parliament as there are too many people present there.


I have something new in the garden. It is a so-called insect house. Currently they have a special event at the local supermarket. You get packets of free seeds: nothing special, but wild flowers and I have been sprinkling them around the garden. There are also articles to collect when you card is full of stickers, and this is one of them. The idea is that the insects build their homes in the box.

Mickey Mouse 26.12 (15)

Remember Mickey? He was living in my garden cupboard through December. He eventually disappeared and me, silly person, even fed him a few seeds now and again. Anyhow it seems due to the mild winter that there is a massive increase in the population of mice  and the first babies have already arrived, a little early, especially in our Kanton it seems. I have not seen any yet and do not want to. I have a cat but she prefers her food in a bowl.


I had a look around in the garden this morning and noticed that my peonies are now beginning to show.

And now to move on with a bit of this and that  I am hoping to get some shopping done today. Although all the restaurants are now closed, the food shops are still open.  I am hoping that there will not be a storm of people there when I arrive, but I am planning on the afternoon.

Look after yourselves, stay safe and wash your hands. One little bright light, my hyacinths have produced some flowers.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning to you – Mickey seems very sweet..let’s hope his family is well behaved when they make an appearance 🙂 I am thinking I will explore my garden today, yours looks fabulous with the stream. My hyacinths are in full bloom- relics from indoors last year. My garden is mostly shrubs with a few seasonal bulbs. The broom is in full blossom and Lovely dogwood leafing it’s lime green growth on red branches.I will see what I can post of anything worthy in my garden later. Have a good day.

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    • Spring is with us now and everything is flowering. I don’t have a stream. That is the path behind the hedge. We have a river at the bottom of the hill.


    • At the moment our government is having meetings all the time and we don’t know what the next plan will be. Our stores are still open at the normal times. It is only the schools and colleges they have shut down at the moment in our state.

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  2. We are locked now even here in Uxbridge, though the odds of contracting it here is relatively low. No one is traveling into Boston and there aren’t a lot of people here. We aren’t out of food yet. Hopefully, when we are, there will be some to buy. They are reloading the store, but a lot of families with children at home are feeding more people than usual. so even people who aren’t hoarding need more than normal. Just as well we don’t go anywhere most of the time anyway. We’re just doing what we usually do. Except the news is on most of the time.

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    • We can still take a walk in the countryside, and everything seems quite normal when you go shopping, except that people are going overboard with shopping. I long for the good old days again.. Mr. Swiss never goes anywhere and my journeys are only to the shop.


  3. Good afternoon.
    It is good to see Mickey, although I would not want to see him in my garden. Other rodents are a serious problem here. Fuzzy peas are such a bother. Now that I have so much time to catch up on other obligations, I am unable to make necessary appointments. It is not even as bad as it is there yet.


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