RDP Sunday: Something


Just sitting at the window watching the world go bye
And then I saw a robin,  so small and very shy
It knows nothing of a virus, it just wants to eat
With seeds or crumbs from the table,
Perhaps even a bit of meat
It might have a nest in a tree
With eggs that are ready to pop
Sometimes I wish I were a robin
and not have to go to the shop

RDP Sunday: Something

10 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Something

  1. Dear Mrs. Swiss
    Here’s how it is
    A little robin like me
    Hopping from tree to tree
    Looking for a morsel here
    A morsel there
    A bit of seed
    A dead bumble bee.

    Don’t complain about shopping
    All of this hopping
    Is tiring and hard.
    Pushing that shopping cart
    It’s easier for you
    Than this life is for me.

    Thank you. Mrs. T. Robin

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