Good Morning


Let us see what we have today. It looks like it will be a sunny one. I feel OK, got out of bed, no cough and no signs, so let’s  make the most of it as long as we can.

I even ventured out into the wilderness yesterday for a wheelie. It was not a super day, but no rain. Of course I met no-one on my way. I felt like I had the Kanton all to myself. The benches outside the castle were all empty.


The stables behind the railway tracks had let the horses out for some fresh grass and air and this one even got a little curious to see what I was doing with my camera. It was good to get out and away from the constant dismal news we are getting on the radio and TV. I think we all know it now, so what is the point of hearing it all again. Each time we hear something new we should be observing. I often think our governments are just trying it out to see what works best.

And so I wheeled on and reached the chicken farm. They had again moved the mobile chicken house back down the path, which I was not very happy about. It is a bit of a bumpy ride in my chair over stones to get close enough.


But there was a congregation of chickens. And then I saw one of the roosters. They have a couple of roosters, but of different breeds.

Chickens 14.03 (16)

This one seemed to something special.


And then I saw this one, who seemed to be making an attempt to fly, but I do not think that flying is a speciality of roosters. They have more important things to do.


Then I realised he was probably in training. OK the lest said the better. Suffice it to be said that a poor unsuspecting female was just walking past, and she had no chance, being pinned down by the claws of a rooster.  Something I had really never seen before. Mr. Swiss informed me that he grew up next to a chicken run and it was nothing out of the ordinary. I am just a plain town person from London and the only chickens I ever saw as a kid were in eggs.

After an hour I decided it was time to make my way home. I had an evening meal to attend to and a few photos to upload. Son No. 2 made a call to see how we golden oldies were keeping. I told him under the circumstances OK, and just the normal aches and pains. And I will now move on to other tasks and trials. See you around and have a good Sunday, I passed through the cemetery on my wheelie yesterday and here is a photo. You always find the best flower arrangements in that place, and there is no-one there to appreciate it.



18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning. Fab images today 🙂 I’m up rather later than usual today. Windy and grey here in Hertfordshire. Daffodils brightening up the garden and Cytisus is blooming….this is the only time of the year I love to see yellow in the garden. Mostly I love Blues, purples and red. Have a great day, thanks for brightening up my morning 🙂 Caryl

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    • I love to see a bit of colour in the garden. Hertfordshire?. I was born in Hitching. It was the end of the war and the London hospitals had no room. I spent the first week of my life there and never returned

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  2. Good Morning. Lovely images again today 🙂 It’s grey and windy here in Hertfordshire but the pretty daffodils and Cytisus are brightening up the garden. Have a good day 🙂 Caryl

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  3. Good morning it rains last night and is cloudy this morning. I saw the first signs of spring on my shopping trip Friday. The snow is gone except on the higher elevations. It was a surprise at our grocery store to find a panic shopping in process. People were cray and were grabbing items and not watching where they were going. I have never seen anything like it even during World War two nothing like this happen.

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    • Panic buying is also the latest sport here, although they say there is no need. The only problem we might be having is if they have a lock down and everything shuts. It was a wonderful sunny day here, but I didn’t feel like going anywhere, so just relaxed at home.

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  4. Good morning … a little late today … we are spending most of the day preparing the computer for telework which begins tomorrow, the powers that be having decided Friday afternoon that we will do this “cold turkey” as we say … and it is going to be cold, and it going to be one big fat TURKEY … oh well life will go one …as they say at the end of the famous American Movie … Gone with the Wind … “tomorrow is another day” …. SLP … PS: … the good news is we had to make only one trip back to the computer store where we have a warranty policy with tech support … and they helped us with what we oldies did not realize was there on the screen staring us in the face the whole time. Now that my nephews have all gone away to school, I struggle with this on my own, and my wife is there “is it fixed yet”? No dear … not yet … aghghghghgh.

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    • It is quite complicated. I am still hoping to be able to go shopping tomorrow. We justvdo not know what the government are going to decode next. Most Restaurants are now closed


  5. The best flowers really are for those who would be pleased with less. That is how I felt about growing some of them. We wanted to get our crops well budded, but sold into retail nurseries or landscapes before they actually bloomed. If they bloomed for us, it was because they did not get to their destination in time. Also, the stock plants that bloomed (because they lived with us all the time to provide cuttings for the stock) were so pretty in bloom, but there was no one there to see them.

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