RDP Saturday: Calm

Stream Feldbrunnen

What can you do to stay calm when the world as you know it is breaking apart. Horror reports of an unknown illness. Are we back in the days of the black death, or will we come through it? This afternoon I decided to ignore it all. I took my wheelchair and made a tour through the cemetery to the local castle. I saw 2 or 3 people on the way but mainly it was a solo tour and I was glad.

I did not have to hear the latest news about the little peas with hairs planning an attack. I passed the local stream through the cemetery and top half of the village. It was rushing on its way as always. Everything was in place.


The horses were on the meadow and I managed to switch off for  an hour. There is no cure for this illness, everyone finds something new to say about it, and the only news is how many infections and perhaps worst. 

I enjoyed my hour of calm, and I treasured it.   This evening I will be spending a pleasant time at home with a television and I hope to get a good night’s sleep. I now feel a lot happier after organising 30 toilet rolls 🙂

RDP Saturday: Calm

6 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Calm

  1. Having been immuno-suppressed for the past 16 years, the advice given to minimize exposure to the disease is just the strategy I’ve used all those years for every other disease making the rounds. The rest of the world now gets a chance to learn how I’ve lived all those years! Sometimes it means not being social. Other times it means skipping public events. All times it means having a strategy for trips to the grocery store to minimize contact with others, especially those little disease bombs, children.

    As for keeping the stress of the times down, you have the perfect decision, and I highly recommend it myself! The media keeps the hype up 24 hours a day, and people are bound to get stressed out when all they hear on the news is this or that about COVID-19, much of it inaccurate (all of the Trump speeches) and little of it presented with the perspective needed to help people avoid rushing to the grocery store to make panic buys of toilet paper.

    All said, I enjoyed your moment of calm and the lovely photos you put with it! I could “hear” the stream in my mind, and it was a wonderful thing.


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