RDP Friday: Isolate

St. Urs. 11.12.2018

This afternoon I went shopping for the week-end. A normal event on Friday, but I now have to ask myself what is normal. People were moving around in the store, but there was plenty of room. I had my list of items to get for the week-end meals. This time I was buying a little more. The world (and not just a few annoying nations with their political problems) is in a turmoil. Nothing is how it was.

I saw empty shelves in the supermarket, nothing drastic. If you wanted to get a few canned items forget it. They had all been sold out. Canned food is not something that I often have on my list. I like to make fresh vegetable. There are a few exceptions where I would buy frozen, but my freezer, although large enough for my family, is not king sized.

We are not under the threat of a 3rd World war with atom bombs. The enemy is smaller than a pint point with hairs. it flies through the air and settles where it finds a reason to thrive and goes under the name of Covid 19.. I was just listening to our government with the newest tactics. Schools stay closed until the end of April and restaurants are not allowed more than 50 persons at once including staff. Listening to the Swiss government was quite interesting, as we got it in French, Italian and German from the various ministers. So we all live on in isolation and hope that one day we can shake hands again.

RDP Friday: Isolate

4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Isolate

  1. You and I are two of the lucky ones in that we have embraced new technology which is going to become increasingly important ( I am 70 …). My wife teaches, they are transitioning to tele-education .. and a lot of the more senior teachers are frankly having difficulties and have no idea how they will adapt. That is sad because it is so much accumulated wisdom and expertise. But in a moment … the rules of the game have changed … probably forever … alas … SLP …

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    • Things don’t develop as we would like, but I try to make the most of it. I have always done my best to adapt, keep up with new developments and so has Mr. Swiss. We compensate each other.. I am never isolated with my computer, iPad and iPhone, even TV.


  2. Worrying times indeed…things are not reassuring here in UK with conflicting levels of information on what to do. I don’t want to panic buy, but probably should limit my visits to food shops? I normally buy daily fresh food, living alone. We will all need to adapt our life style. Just realising how this is affecting all levels of community apart from health, there is making a living, quality of life and freedom to move around.My elderly Father (97) is staying home, and I suspect is very worried about becoming infected, I have a responsibility to protect him too, so what to do? I think I know.
    Stay safe everyone and let’s hope we survive.

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    • I was a little worried about supply an panic demand, but outworks biggest grocery suppliers in Switzerland just reassured us that there will be absolutely no problems. I also always buy fresh food, but now have now stocked up on pasta and rice. Mr. Swiss is 80, I am in my seventies and am diabetic and ha e MS, what could possibly go wrong 😃


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