I’m alive!


For those of you that might have even missed me, I decided to make an effort to let you know that I am still thriving , annoying Mr. Swiss and generally turning in circles. The Corona virus has not yet got me, although Switzerland are still debating what new tactics to used today. They have decided not to close the borders to Italy, so welcome everyone.

In the meanwhile life has not been running as smoothly as it should. On Monday I spent time in the garage dicsussing whether to have a new battery in my car or not. It seems, by various unanimous decisions, that I do not drive enough. After 12 months of my new car I only have 2,200 kilometers and that is not enough. It seems I should set up a record of distance driving visiting Zürich, Bern, Genva and perhaps even Lugano now and again to give my battery a chance to charge. I am still thinking about it. I even bought a new vignette to cover this year on the motorway and the new battery.

And then the next problem was there. I lost my iPhone. It has been missing since I returned home from the garage. After the garage I went to the supermarket and arrived home and am sure my phone was with me. I packed out the shopping together with Mr. Swist down at the computer and discovered there was no trace of my mobile phone. I have not left it in the car and after phoning the supermarket they told me that no-one had found the phone. I know I had it with my when I arrived home, but it has disappeared. As my phone has facial recognition, as well as a code, there is no danger that anyone would look like me and be able to use it.  Actually I am sure it is at home somewhere.

For me this is almost a greek tragedy as I live with it day and night. It tells me the time, has my shopping list, and some other facts and figures important to my existence as a human being. Thank goodness I have my iPad and did an update on my phone only last week. If I dial my Tel No. I only get the recorded socalled “combox”  saying I am not available. This means that I had switched it to flight mode and it is still flying somewhere.

However, I decided to look on the bright side of life and bought a new iPhone today, the newest version, with a super camera, the so-called 11 Pro Max – not cheap but now and again even a golden oldie needs to be cheered up. I have left it at the store and the guy is fixing it all for me. I decided to pay the little extra to save any nervous problems if I did it myself. He can take over the same number that I had and all my various apps.

I have decided to take a rest for the time being from anything connected to computers, iPhones and cars but hope that when I pick up my new phone tomorrow things will be back to normal. I think slowly I am getting too old for this type of excitement.

In the meanwhile I am sure you can now all sleep a restful night again, not having to lay awake and worry about me.

See you around again when life gets back to it normality.


22 thoughts on “I’m alive!

  1. I did notice you were missing, but I’ve been missing a lot too, so I figured life had gotten busy and you’d been dealing with life. Us too. The U.S. is clueless about how to handle this virus and each state is dealing with it on its own. We don’t have enough tests (1 million tests, 350 million people!), so we have no idea how far it has spread since hardly anyone has been tested. Unless they are on a cruise ship.

    It turns out that this is a major disaster for Trump since lying isn’t working this time. People, even “his” people want actual information. The truth. Everyone wants to know what symptoms they are looking for and what to do about them. Shocker! Meanwhile, Garry and I have been faithfully taking our antibiotics, prednisone, and cough pills and are officially finally feeling better enough to consider actually going outside, like to a park where probably we won’t meet a living soul. Just to get out of the house for a few hours.

    The healthiest things around here are the orchids which are blooming frantically, the cactus, which is blooming, but slowly one blossom at a time, the birds who have apparently nested and the first babies are out and about, about half a million flying squirrels and two youthful raccoons who laboriously climb to the second floor to get some seed. Raccoons are notoriously lazy, so some night, they just don’t bother.

    So we are getting better, but I’m still really tired and I finally realized that I can’t keep pushing myself all the time.

    We hardly drive anymore and Owen keeps warning us that we too need to put more miles on the car, except where would we go? It’s not like we have much of a schedule. Anyway, stay healthy and be safe!

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    • I also feel very tired now and again, but it helps to have a sleep in between. Today it rained all day, very damp and unfriendly. In a small country like Switzerland they seem to have things under control. Our dentists now have problems as their is a shortage of masks, Germany have stopped exporting them as they need them for their own dentists.
      Glad that you are both no w feeling better


  2. Happy you are still alive. So far Idaho has no coronavirus 41 have been tested and all negative.

    I am happy to larn are still alive. Stress can be hard to handle for ‘golden oldies’ I know from how I can handle it. The worse was when I couldn’t find my checkbook and had to pay bills. Idaho still doesn’t have a coronavirus case..Forty-one have been tested and all where negative. Idaho will have their first primary tomorrow to select who will be running for President. Republicans are not having a primary. The sun is out and unseemly warm temperates are forecast for the week.

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    • Warm temperatures are good apparently, they kill the virus. A big problem is forgetfulness, which is one of the reasons I just love my iPhone. It has my shopping list and reminders. It is a great help

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  3. This is tough. With our lives circling around our phones, losing it does amounts to a tragedy. I hope you find it, though you’ve an upgraded replacement now.

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  4. I did miss you this morning! While I am glad you and Mr Swiss are OK, I am so sorry for all the mess. I hope the garage does have your phone. Whoever thought we would be so dependent on them. Take care, Pat.


    • It is definitely not in .he garage because infused it in the supermarket to take a couple of photos. Anyhow I am liking forward to the new one.. I am very dependent on mine to keep track of things


  5. Sounds just like my life. I too, didn’t do enough driving to keep the battery charged and I was forever calling out the automobile association to rescue me. I think in 6 years I had done less than 4,000 miles. However, I had to sell my car recently due to macular degeneration which means I can no longer drive, but I got a very good price for it because of the low mileage. No great consolation I know, but a small benefit. Also, I lost my mobile phone a week ago and have just had to buy a new one with which I am trying to come to terms. It seems fiendishly complicated but I’m told a child of 8 could handle it!

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    • My car is now functioning again with a new battery and I just have to go for a longer drive now and again. At the moment it is not so advisable with corona virus thing circulating. I now have a new smartphone, an iPhone 11 Pro. I have always had iPhone and the one I lost was the iPhone X so this is just the newest version. Luckily the guy at the shop did all the necessary and I just had to configurate my e-mail connection. Yestrday I lost the Wlan connection and had to search for the code to connect again. Everything seems to be happening at once at the moment.


  6. I missed this earlier, but noticed the disruption of your Good Morning schedule. It is good to now you are back in the routine before I noticed it was too off. How odd that a contemporary car would need the battery to be charged. that is more of a problem for older vehicles. The battery of the vehicle I drive presently sometimes gets dull, but the vehicle is as old as I am, from 1967. It is entitle to minor electrical issues.

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    • A battery recharges itself when you drive and I don’t drive enough for that to happen. I never drive on the motorway and in a year I only did 2,000 kilometers which is not enough.

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      • Modern batteries for modern cars should hold a charge better. 2,000 kilometer annually is about 100 miles monthly, which is about how much I use my personal vehicle. (The work vehicle gets more mileage here, even though it never leaves town.) But of course, the battery in the personal vehicle is often drained.

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