Good Morning


Hello sun, just stay around a bit and do not disappear. There is a nip in the air, but it is a nip that says it’s normal and I will disappear in an hour.  I am sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast with my computer, so no great stress. Afterwards I will begin cooking for lunch as today I have visitors: No. 2 son and family will be here.

After yesterday’s drama I will be glad for smooth runnings. My car battery seized to exist and I had to organised a my car insurance to get it going again. They did all the contacts necessary and the garage guy tuned up and got it going. The warning sign on my car did say upload by driving, and it seems that would be the answer, when the car was again being activated. Eventually the garage guy drove to the garage with me  following in his car and we left my car there and he drove me home again. He said as far as he could see there is nothing wrong with the car and I just do not drive enough long stretches. I suppose three times a week to the supermarket is not enough, and a few short trips in between to the doc. Perhaps I should drive the 100 kilometres to Zürich on the motorway now and again and back, or even Bern which is about 50 kilometres. Actually I did have motorway experience yesterday when I took a wrong turning to the garage and landed on the motorway. It was my error and I really had to think how to turn off again. After a while, changing from the Zürich stretch to the Bern stretch, I branched off and arrived at the garage. The guy was still waiting for me there, what a lovely man. He saw what happened and decided to wait as he was sure I would eventually turn up, Actually I wrote about it in a blog yesterday, but I am still recovering from the shock and stress of it all.

I eventually arrived home and confessed it all to Mr. Swiss, whose main comment was “Thank goodness I did not know it all when it happened”. I could understand him.

And so afterwards I prepared the evening meal and spent the evening catching up on the afternoon. Actually there was a good film on that Mr. Swiss had on a DVD “Educating Rita” about a working class girl that decided to improve here situation and take classes on literature from a college professor played by Michael Caine. It is an older film, but I would really recommend it. Perhaps a bit of a fairy story in between, but a nice one.

Mr. Swiss eventually disappeared to bed and I was left with my Saturday Evening soap “Casualty”, a hospital series. Sometimes you need little things to please little minds to get away from the real world


I am naturally a bit short of fresh photos at the moment as I have had other things to do that wander around with a camera, although I did discover this daffodil in my garden this morning. Always look on the bright side.

About this Corona virus thing again (sorry), there is something I do not understand. That the shops are out of hand sanitiser OK, but that there  are reports from Britain that the shops are sold out of toilet rolls, I just do not understand. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. Is it being used as a handkerchief or is everyone so nervous that they have digestive problems. I can assure you that we still have enough in Switzerland.

And now to move on and hope for a nice quiet day with no unnecessary excitement. Have a good one.



8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The toilet role thing is not about the virus or the symptoms … it is about like in China if everyone is forced to remain in their homes and the shops close … people will not be able to purchase the stuff …. we have the same situation here in the USA … hand sanitizer, toilet paper (that is what we call it …), all that kind of stuff .. is gone … One of the TV presenters said on Friday if you cannot find hand sanitizer you can use vodka, as long as it is 120 proof (Yeah !!!) , but the best thing is to just wash your hands a lot for 20 seconds each time (sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice … that’s the amount of time you need soap on your hands …) and don’t touch your face … so there you are !!! My wife asked if we have enough vodka … like she would know???? I am thinking … “enough vodka” … what has the world come to ??? I said “Dear I will run out and get some more Stoli monday morning” … she said she would like that just don’t get any that has a fragrance to it … !!! My wife is Taiwanese … we have a 50 pound bag of rice and enough pickeled fish and bamboo shoots in tin cans to last the miillenium … so food is not an issue at our house, as long as we don’t run out of soy sauce …(hah hah … little joke …). Have a great day !!!

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    • Aha, now I get it. we can always order from the supermarket. It just happens they have a special offer with toilet rolls at the moment with a double pack, so might make the most of it. We both no longer drink and have absolutely no vodka in the house, so we will have to make do with soap.


  2. I’ve been mystified about the toilet paper as well. I guess it’s been a big concern for some stores to keep it stocked. My son has been locked down in his community in China for over a month now but he can order groceries to be delivered. Maybe folks in rural areas can’t get basics delivered.

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    • We live in a small village, but can order everything online and it is delivered OK. Being an ex Brit I can imagne that they would have problems with deliveries.


  3. Formulation of hand sanitizer to compensate for a lack of it is a major topic on the radio. Apparently some booze are not good enough. I have no booze anyway. Rubbing alcohol and Aloe vera seem to be a popular combination. Well, I have no rubbing alcohol either. There is plenty of Aloe, but it is not Aloe vera. Actually, what everyone else believes to be Aloe vera is a not. The species is quite rare. It does not matter, since any of several species are just as effective. But, why is any aloe even necessary? Is plain rubbing alcohol all that bad? Meanwhile, that quarantined cruise ship from Hawaii that has been waiting off the coast for several days will finally be arriving in Oakland tomorrow, where passengers will be processed and quarantined as needed in the next few days. ick.

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    • I managed to get 2 bottles of alcohol but they are probably now ball sold out. Otherwise we don’t have any alcohol either. I am now using a remainder inhave of sanitizer or plain soap and I am surviving

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