Good Morning


This was about an hour ago and now we have sun, although you never know if it will stay. It was a bright start to the day. Yesterday was week-end shopping day and I forgot a couple of things, so it looks like I will be out this afternoon quickly for the rest. I do not mind really. Yesterday it seemed that everyone was stocking up on food, still under the impression that famine would soon break out due to this virus that is circulating.

What is really annoying me at the moment are the people that think they know it all better and in Facebook bringing words about it being nothing to get worried about. More people die from the flu etc. etc. and we are all panicking. I do not need the “know it alls”, I am intelligent and old enough to know what to do. When you are a golden oldie, diabetic and have MS you belong to the endangered group of people that could contract this virus seriously and it might not be just a case of self isolation and getting over it in a couple of weeks at home. If I self isolate I would only have my autistic son to depend on to get the groceries. Mr. Swiss is semi invalid, or of course we could order food online, which is also a possibility. The illness has now hit our Kanton and the first case has been reported. They are not saying where in the area and the person concerned, a lady of about 53 years old, is isolated and her condition is not abnormal.


In the meanwhile we are still inundated with our sparrow population, mixed with other small birds now and again.


And the magpies were also here yesterday, taking what they could.


At last our supermarket chain have something interesting to offer in the way of free gifts. According to how much you spend you get various packets of wild seeds for your garden or a pot and can also collect stickers on a card to eventually exchange for an insect hotel, a watering can or flower pots. Although the seed choice is quite limited, I now have chive, antirrhinum, meadow sage and camomile in my seed collection which I will be scattering in the garden. I am also collecting points for my insect hotel, although I am hoping that only the chosen insects will move in. I do not want earwigs or slugs as lodgers.


And now to move on, I have a few things to deal with this morning.

Have a good start to the week-end and may it be a good one.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oooh ,,,, the insect hotel sounds so cool … hope you get enough stickers to snag that one !!! Have a great day. Think about using rubbing alcohol to swab your hands … it is relatively cheap here in USA … and all the hand sanitizer is gone .. as is all the toilet paper … dunno what people are doing with it … piling it up in their guest bedrooms or on their unused exercise equipement I guess … dunno …. have a great day. SLP …


  2. Good morning, I have been ill, but feeling better today. I am that group that is in danger of not surviving the virus. I live in an area where so far there have been no cases, but there are some people being monitored. for the virus. Kathy did our shopping yesterday and she didn’t mention any problems. An insect hotel that is new item for me. Do you know what insects Have a safe trip this afternoon. that you hope to attract.


  3. Facebook is so overrated. As more sensible people abandon it, the offensively stupid become more prominent. I barely stop by anymore, but noticed earlier that some were expressing concern that testing incoming inmates at the Santa Cruz County Jail for coronavirus might violate their rights. Since when is anyone concerned about the rights of those being searched for contraband that is their own personal property? I am all for protecting the rights of inmates, but I seriously doubt that anyone has a problem with being tested for a disease. It was not a problem until some ‘concerned’ but uninvolved citizen made it a problem. Then, there were those who believe that coronavirus within the confines of a jail might be a good thing for society. Seriously, people actually say the stupidest things on Facebook.

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    • I am in Facebook mainly for use of the messenger.part as I can communicate with my son who lives in a different part of the country and send photos. There is also a group from my schooldays. Otherwise there is a lot of stupidiity there.

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