FOWC with Fandango: Glitch


I had an afternoon of glitches. I had planned a short trip to the supermarket, but it was not to be. I would add I had noticed in the last couple of days that my car was not as it usually was. Yesterday it seemed to me that it did not really want to start and today it refused with the word telling me that the battery is weak and should be charge, uploaded or whatever. In other words, it was dead.

After this glitch I called my insurance. After some time, just around 15 minutes, the garage man arrived and got my car going again with some sort of mystifying machine. And then Glitch No. 2 arrived. I could now drive my car, but for a journey to the supermarket and home it could die: not during the journey but if I parked it in the supermarket there would be a large chance that it would not start again. It seems I do not drive the car enough. My 3-4 short journeys weekly to the supermarket do not give the battery a chance to upload. A car wants long journeys to give it strength. The guy from the garage was really good and gave me a choice of going for a long drive which would get it on its feet again, or drive to my garage, park it outside and leave it there. When the garage opens on Monday, I could discuss further steps.

The garage guy said he would drive behind me to the garage and bing me home again. And now the next glitch, you will not believe it. On the way to my garage I took the right turn to early and ……. yes I was on the motorway towards Zürich. Of course the garage guy had now disappeared behind me probably wondering what I was doing.

I did not even have a motorway sticker permit on my car. I decided to turn off at the next opportunity and the next opportunity was the motorway in the direction of Bern. I must say it must be at least 10 years since I was on a motorway. Then my rescue arrived when the motorway branched off towards Kriegstetten, a village I knew very well, and also the road, because my No. 1 son was at school there for many years.

I now have to cut a long story short. I at last managed to find the garage where I had arranged to meet the garage guy and deposit my car and believe it or not, he was there and waiting for me. He saw what happened and decided to wait hoping that I would return from my motorway tour. What a wonderful guy. In the meanwhile he had filled out a card. He then took my car key and deposited it in the garage letterbox.

This could really only happen to me, but one thing I realised. I can drive motorways again with no problem and I will tell my garage I want a sticker again on my car – who knows.

I will now probably get a new battery and have a word with my garage what my solution to the problem would be. Basically I should drive longer distances as this is something that could happen again after a year. I have had my car new for 15 months and was not expecting this.

I rest my case.

FOWC with Fandango: Glitch

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Glitch

  1. Oh heck! I can only imagine what it must have felt like to find yourself on the motorway heading towards Zürich. And then Berne. I have been in a similar predicament myself in this country and it is not funny. At least you got to the garage in the end and you know now about the battery problem. It has made me think though because my car is still sitting outside on the roadside and we keep it taxed and insured and everything that needs doing to it even though I can no longer drive it because it makes a very good substitute with my husband‘s car goes wrong and needs to go into the garage. It doesn’t get driven much however but having read your story I think perhaps we ought to take it out on a few longer trips. Anyway at least things ended well thank goodness.

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  2. “Adventures with Pat”–you do know fun things to do on the weekends! Your garage guy sounds wonderful–those kind are very hard to find. Cars are strange. When I worked, it was a 7-mile round trip with no interstate involved. I was told I needed to get on the highway and, more less, ‘let ‘er rip!’ Supposed to do something to the engine or the battery. Whatever. I never did. And now being retired, I drive even less ’cause when we go places, we use my husband’s car. I think I need to drive more. You have spurred me on!

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    • And you have given me confidence realizing that it is a problem and me not being too stupid to drive a car. I never do many kilometers with my car because I do not do things and go places. Actually despite the fact that I unwillingly got onto the motorway I did. sort of enjoy it. Mr. Swiss was the one that drove to the exotic little villages. I should really be more adventurous

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  3. I had a similar experience last week in Santa Barbara. Stopped at the post office for a minute. When errand was done, the car wouldn’t start. The car is 3-1/2 years old, and came with a 3-year battery. When I had it serviced in January, I asked them to check the battery — it tested ok, and they told me it would warn me. I know better, and should have insisted that they put in a new one then, but did not. AAA Battery service arrived in 10 minutes, and about 15 minutes later I was on my way with a new battery!

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