RDP Friday: Afraid


This is the result when people get afraid. Here there used to be three different sorts of hand sanitiser  in the supermarket and now there is nothing. But wait a moment. I decided to have a quick look in the chemist shop. The assistant (who knows me as a customer) asked if she could help. I told her probably not because I want what everyone else does. She then proudly presented the days delivery.


There were about 30 bottles of alcohol for the hands. I do not use it, but Mr Swiss does and I could imagine the happy look he would have when I brought home a new supply. I decided to get two bottles to be on the safe side. I said now there is enough in the shop and the shop assistant  said that by tomorrow they will all be sold most probably.

Anyhow I now have a happy Mr. Swiss. He added it is not exactly the same one as he buys, but I reminded him that beggars cannot be choosers. I also added that I bought it with his plastic card.

RDP Friday: Afraid

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