Good Morning


Again a cloudy begin to the day, but at least it has stopped raining, although it looks like there is more to come. There is also a cold wind blowing and Spring seems to be taking five at the moment.

I was not very active here yesterday. The clinic appointment with No. 1 son took longer than I expected. Coupled with the fact that my son or I had no time or chance for eating a lunch it was not a happy day.


First of all I had to pick him up from work and as you can see the rain was pouring down. I was waiting in the car for him to finish so that I could pick him up and we could drive further.


The clinic was further along the road and situated in the village where my supermarket is. To pass time whilst I was waiting I took a few photos from the window of the waiting room, but it was a wet landscape.


The rain clouds were hanging low over the Jura mountains and there was not very much to see in the way of good views.

Eventually we arrived home and at last could settle down to having dinner, even if it was late afternoon. I cancelled an evening meal and found that if anyone was hungry they could help theirselves later to what they found in the fridge. I was just too tired to even look at my computer and was really not in a good condition to write anything. I uploaded a few photos and programmed a short entry for this morning but was glad to be finished and put the computer away until today. I eventually had a TV evening.

This afternoon is yet another week-end shopping trip and I will be glad when I have it behind me. No. 2 son and family will be visiting on Sunday so there will be some action especially with a three year old and four month old. The grandkids are growing and the grandparents are getting older.

And I will be moving on. I have a pile of ironing from the washed bed linen, the duvet and cushions covers. I don’t mind doing it as I can listen to the local oldies radio station on my iPad with the songs I used to know and can sing along. I now have the habit of listening to the radio in the car, the normal local station. They bring the current “hits” of the day, It is usually quite smooth music, a lot of repetition and some rap. I don’t mind it, although today there does not seem to be a lot to sing along with. A lot is repetition. Where have the Beatles and Elton John gone? Even music makes me feel my age.

And now time to move on. At least today should be a normal state of affairs. Hope you all have smooth runnings and no stress. Even clinics have some nice flowers, and I leave you with this one I took a photo of in the waiting room yesterday.


I think it is a camilla, but am not quite sure.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is actually a fancy ruffled or double tulip. They look like parrot tulips without the frilled edges.
    I am sorry to hear about your rushed day. It looks so pretty and compelling as an outsider who is not caught up in the hectic schedule.
    Do you happen to remember ‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose’ by Dionne Warwick? It was overly poplar when I was a kid. Back then, I though it was silly that someone would request directions for San Jose . . . on all the major radio stations of San Jose. It is actually quite easy to get to from Los Angeles.

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  2. We canceled everything, got a lot of medication — antibiotics, anti-cough, anti-goop — and as it turned out, no one wanted anyone who looked sick anywhere near them anyway. They couldn’t have been gladder to be rid of us. We’re getting maybe some snow tomorrow, but probably not because it’s too warm.

    The birds are happy. And obviously the raccoons are thrilled and we’ve even spotted a couple of flying squirrels. I may take this weekend off. I’ve got a headache from hell and I’m exhausted. I need to sleep for at least a week.

    We are now officially confined too. Not that we go out much anyway, but this is the time of year when I have my medical checkups. March is when I had most of my major surgeries. So I’m not missing them … just deferring them for a week or two … unless this disease really gets ahold of this region. I’m counting on being far from the big city.

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    • Glad you managed at least to pick up your medication. We now have the first case of the virus in our Kanton but they are not saying exactly where. It’s not a large area so who knows. It is a 53 year old lady and she is in isolation at home. My problem is that The family depends on me for shopping, as I am the only mobile person. Mr. Swiss no longer drives and is also semi invalide.
      we also might have snow, but probably just a five minute attack. You seem to have a miniature zoo outside.


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