Good Morning


The sun did decide to show this morning, but not very long – too many clouds in the way. although it looks like a promising day and at least no rain.

I decided to refresh the bed linen today, although it is usually a Thursday job. I have an appointment with my autistic son at the clinic tomorrow just after midday and decided with tomorrow’s stress I do not need to change the beds as well. What’s done is done. I also have a shopping day today if the stores still have food to sell. The appointment is just after lunch, so there will be no lunch for my son and I as I have to be on the road to pick him up and get to the clinic. It is not so far away, but I cannot fit everything in with eating as well. I will prepare it all in the morning and Mr. Swiss can eat his. I can warm ours up when we arrive back at home afterwards in the earlier afternoon. How I hate these things that are a disturbance to my routine.

There is a general panic at the moment, everyone buying because they are sure that there will be nothing at home when we are all living in isolation due to the new virus. It is clear that it is a threat, as we know nothing very much about it. Some are even saying that when the weather gets warmer it will give up the ghost. Now it seems that everyone is ordering groceries on line and stocks are getting low. Personally I have not noticed these problems myself when I go shopping.


Now something to brighten up the day. I noticed these crocus growing in my front garden yesterday. I must have plated them many years ago, but they still arrive every year.


I also had this wonderful pair of birds visiting for food yesterday. When the sparrows are away, the others will play. There is a tit on the left and a chaffinch on the right. I have just discovered in internet that in the States the tits are known as chickadees. I have often heard the word and now I know what they actually are. They were quite a colourful pair.


The chickadees, or tits are the only birds that like to feed from my birdhouse They usually sit in the tree opposite and now and again hop over and return to the tree afterwards to eat in peace.

Enjoy the day everyone, make the most of it. I am now off to finish my bed making session with a little help from Mr. Swiss and afterwards a bit of this and that in the apartment. In the meanwhile enjoy my lenten rose which I discovered this morning in the garden: another one of the early Spring greetings.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Some of the coronavirus infections reported in America are in the San Francisco Bay Area, just a short distance from here. It is not surprising with how people get around the World nowadays, especially from here.

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      • A few out of millions is not yet an outbreak. We will know soon enough how much of it got around. Of course, by the time we know, it will be a bit late. Incidentally, I did happen to get a flu of some sort. It was not bad, and only kept me out of commission yesterday. Some guys at work had been out for a few days, but not seriously so.

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  2. We had a week of doctor’s visits scheduled, but Garry doesn’t feel well and neither do. None of this was assisted by my cracking a tooth last night and having to make an emergency dental appointment today. Everyone is so nervous about the upcoming virus that you say you have a cold and you can hear the alarm bells and sirens go off. I then explain that no, Garry and I got the superflu shots, don’t have the flu OR a fever. It’s just a standard, regulation, normal cold and I don’t think the plague is upon us yet. But it’s close. We’ve had a dozen or so cases in Boston and Rhode Island which are very nearby. I think to live as we do in a small town far from the bustling city, we are safer here than we’d be in a more crowded environment, but worrying about it isn’t going to do very much good. Also, our grocery store isn’t running out of food either. Just masks and hand sanitizer.

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  3. I was wondering how far spread It was in the States. We don’t seem to be having a lot of information from that part of the world. We have about 80 cases in Switzerland at the moment moment. Based on a population of eight million It doesn’t seem so bad. Mr, Seiss never goes out, just me shopping and my son to work. The store is large and never really crowded so I am hoping I have a good chances of avoiding it. Hope you and Garysoon recover from your colds


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