RDP Tuesday: Smooth


How romantic: the sun shining above, clouds wafting along smothly, although just a minute. What is the fence doing here.

I was at the recycling show
The bags were full and I had to go
My son came with me and I drove the car
He threw the  glass and cans and also an empty jar
They crash and break but we really do not care
At last they are gone, it was all wear and tear

You don’t have to be a Greta Thunberg
To do the right thing
Just use your common sense
And do it with a swing
And our conscience is now clear
Who needs a garbage man
To celebrate I had some cake
and now have an empty can
I had some whipped cream
to garnish it on top
The cream has now been finished
So another can to drop


RDP Tuesday: Smooth

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