Good Morning


Everything is later on Tuesday morning as my cleaning lady is here and I like to get things organised before she arrives, so no good morning until an hour later. And this morning I got a sun rise as I was later.  It fought its way through the clouds and is still shining and we even have blue skies. I have a free day today, but will probably go with No. 1 son after lunch with our empty glass containers and cans to the rubbish depot in the village. I drive him there and he empties the two bags into the right places. I try to be environment friendly when I can.


I paid a visit to the chickens last Sunday. I could actually get my eggs from the farm, but they are a little more expensive that the ones I get in the supermarket. Luckily chickens in Switzerland are not in batteries and are usually free to run around as they please.


Our local chickens even have a view of the Bernese Overland alps, although I do not think they really appreciate it.

At the moment we all seem to be on the environment friendly trip with banning plastic and washing our hands for at least 20 seconds. I am also becoming  more conscious of what we are doing to our world and to our health. Corona virus is becoming a big problem. We have lived with various virus attacks through the years and were convinced that the days of the plague, smallpox and other lethal illnesses were now gone. We are left with the flu which can also be quite dangerous and now the red hairy peas of corona have arrived. So what do we do. I bought a bottle of hand sanitiser about a year ago, and never really used it so much. It was a Mr. Swiss thing, and he has a few bottles of such remedies. Now I am using my bottle regularly and it will soon be empty.

It seems that it will now  be hard to find in the stores and has almost doubled in price. I think it is disgusting how businesses are now making profit out of the problems that we now have.

Mr. Swiss also reminded me that it would be a good idea to have some emergency rations stored away. People are not panic buying as they are convinced that the end of the world is approaching a probably do not want to go hungry. If we are attached by these hairy peas we will have to go into isolation it seems and then there is no way to go shopping. Of course we can order it to be delivered on line, but that also incurs extra costs and how long are stocks going to last. It seems to me that we are now victims of profit making companies. The world is gradually going crazy.  One of our politicians arrived in parliament this week with a mask on her face, the only one up to now. It seems that masks are not the great solution.

And today I read that tea bags have amounts of micro plastic in them which we drink with our tea. I have heard this before and so it is a return to making tea from leaves. My mum and dad grew up with a teapot so it cannot do any harm. I have all the equipment and even a small strainer spoon for holding tea leaves, so why not. I am a golden oldie and the only tea drinker in the family, so I have the time: no more tea bags.

And now to move in. No shopping today and so not mixing with the crowds. I am now suppose to keep a distance to people.  Have a good day everyone and avoid red hairy peas, they float in the air around us, so stay healthy.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a pretty sunrise!

    So it was primary election day here, but we also had tornadoes all across the south (25 dead, many missing) and everybody is a little nervous about Covid 19 because each day, there are a few more cases and a few more states. What a wild weird year … and it’s just the beginning of March.

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    • Covid is making everyone nervous. Switzerland is a small country anit is easy to see how itbis creeping through. We have had no cases up to now in Solothurn, but there have been a couplr in the town of Biel where my son works and part of one of the colleges has been closed. Most of the cases can be traced back to connections with Italy where towns have even had a shut down.
      I am following the elections in the States from a distance and hope that Trump gets thrown out.


  2. A flu has been going around at work. I finally got it. This is the first time I have been sick like this in several years. It is not very bad, but is certainly making me angry. At least coronavirus has not been identified here yet. I dislike peas, even the red and hairy sort.

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