RDP Sunday: Stentorian

Fasnacht 02.03.2019

Stentorian, there is a name for it? Is that what my voice could be described as? What chance did I have. I came from a family of shouters. Of course my mum and her sisters would converse together, but the winner was always the one that had the loudest voice. Now don’t get me wrong. As far as they were concerned no-one was shouting.  Dad had bad hearing. He served in the second world war on the heavy guns and that did leave some irreparable damage to the ears. And so we all raised our voices to make sure he heard us.

I remember when we had our first telephone at home. That was quite an occasion, our own telephone. Unfortunately dad never heard it ringing and so we had to have a second bell fitted in the hallway to make sure he would hear it. The whole street heard it ringing, only dad did not.

I just do not understand it when Mr. Swiss tells me (not ask) not to speak so loud. Me? a loud voice? What chance did I have? I just explained to him that there is a word for a loud voice – stentorian. On the other hand I have realised that if you want something done, you have to say it loud enough. The problem also works the other way. Often I do not hear so well when people talk to me. I just wish they would speak louder, like my mum and her sisters did.

RDP Sunday: Stentorian

2 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Stentorian

  1. I can feel for your dad. Yes those booming guns day in day out would do it.
    My hearing is bad, too, and I probably talk too loud for most people. However, they kindly bear with me. At times I meet one of these young things with a soft high voice and can’t get a word she says. Someday they’ll know. 🙂

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    • Yes, those guns certainly were not good for hearing, but dad never wanted a hearing aid. He tried, but was not happy with them. My hearing is not so super which is probsbly the reason for a loud voice

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