RDP Saturday: Beacon

Garbage Burning Zuchwil 07.03.2019

I suppose we all have our beacons somewhere: a point that draws our attention, always there. Of course living in Switzerland I have the alps, but even they only show themselves when the light is right.

Just along the path, as I approach the river  my landmarks come into view: the garbage burning plant. Day and night the chimneys churn out the smoke. You have something you want to get rid of and it is too complicated for the general rubbish collection? Just pile it into a van or truck and drive across the river to one of the next villages where we have the garbage disposal plant. They will burn it for you, and of course it costs money. Mr. Swiss did it once when we wanted to dispose of our old three piece suite.

You drive onto the scales and it is weighed. Then it is all tipped into the eternal fires of no return. Afterwards drive out and again on the scales. According to the missing weight you will be charged for the disposal. Of course we are bothered by the sight of eternal smoke, it never stops. However we are assured that it is “clean” smoke and holds no danger for the surrounding nature.

Garbage Zuchwil 12.12.2018

Sometimes it might blow in the other direction and even have a different colour, but it is all very safe, so they say.

RDP Saturday: Beacon

2 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Beacon

  1. Yes, it’s always officially safe until one day, it isn’t. We have a lot of hazardous earth as a result of poisonous factory emissions. It was safe until it became so hazardous all building was forbidden on it.

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