Fandango’s February Expressions #27

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Yes I was in Rome once for a few days. It was a summer holiday and the final destination was Sorrento for a week, but on the way we had a look at Rome. I was not really doing what the Romans do, but what the tourists did and I loved the town, despite all the old ruins that were in every corner.

I eventually discovered that a life in Switzerland was the next best thing. We had the Italian food to go with it. Perhaps my spaghetti with meat balls were not the original, but I don’t do a bad pizza.


I have now been living in Switzerland for more than fifty years and can only recommend to do as the natives do. Basically you have to. No-one in Switzerland makes steak and kidney pie or puts  vinegar on their chips/french fries as the Brits do.

Fandango’s February Expressions #27

FOWC with Fandango: Treatment


I decided to give a little treatment to my Christmas cactus and poinsettia. I got them both some time in November. The cactus had at least 20 buds on the leaves and I lost them all one after the other, so that was nothing so good. There is still one remaining bud that refuses to open. I kept the plant all the same and it even made one new leaf to try and persuade me that it was worth keeping.

The poinsettia behaved very well and had its coloured leaves throughout November until now, although it is now dropping the leaves.

Eventually this morning I repotted both of them, gave them better pots (the others were plastic) and filled up the spaces with fresh earth. Now it is just a matter of waiting to see if my treatment will pay off.

FOWC with Fandango: Treatment

Good Morning


We actually got a sunrise this morning. It was a crisp bright morning, the sun reflecting on the snow. The snow was almost gone when I retired to bed yesterday evening but it snowed again probably in the early morning hours.


And so I awoke to this in the morning. I am actually beginning to appreciate the snow. We are getting it in small doses and it is really looking very attractive. As long as it stays away from the roads I am happy. This morning it will not be snowing but apparently will begin this afternoon and quickly change to rain which I am not very happy about. I have a free afternoon with no shopping and would have like to have done a small wheelie in my chair to have a look at the landscape.  Our carnival is now officially finished and life returns to normal for those that partake: no more falling asleep on the office chair after celebrating all through the night. Yesterday was supposed to be the burning of an effigy stuffed with fireworks in town. However, there were high winds and it was deemed too dangerous. The town is closely knit and the risk was too high. Now they have a large firework stuffed figure and have to decide what to do with it.


In the meanwhile I have had an invasion in the garden from the birds. It must be the snow and they are getting worried that there will be no food left. This crow even managed to grab a peanut. The snow cover did not deter him.


The walnuts were also popular merchandise and as the magpies had not yet arrived the crow made the most of the meal of the day.


The tits had also rediscovered the bird feeding station.


It is amazing what a little snow can do to encourage them to change their eating habits. I have a ringside seat from the kitchen and my camera is always ready on the table.

Otherwise it was an afternoon shopping for just for a few things, although those few things often amount to more money. Yesterday was almost a free day as I had received my coupons from the supermarket amounting to approximately one hundred francs which I could use for the shopping. Today I intend to repot my surviving poinsettia. I had two, but one decided to give up, although it kept its colourful leaves from November until February. The one I still have has a couple of colourful leaves, but has produced new green shoots so it might be worth to try and save it. I also want to repot my Christmas cactus. It is still alive but seems reluctant with the few flowers it still has in bud. It is worth a try to see if I can put life back into it.

Otherwise life at the Anglo Swiss home is not exactly full of excitement at the moment and I spend my time on some housework and the computer. In the meanwhile I wish you all well for the day. Here is a photo I shot this morning towards the Jura mountains showing the new layers of snow reflecting in the sunlight.