RDP Wednesday: Graceful


I do not do graceful any more, I never really did, but now situations in life no longer allow for it. I returned from the shopping trip this afternoon. Wheeling it around in the supermarket is not so complicated. I have a well balanced supermarket four wheeled trolley to pile it into. I might not be the quickest, but I manage to get everything on the list. I pack it all in various carrying bags (note paper – just one bigger plastic bag) and then I arrive at the car which is not so far away as I have the special places for the handicapped just next to the entrance.

Up to now I have been doing it in style and quite gracefully. I was now confronted with lifting the three bags from the trolley into the car boot. The trick to lift the bag and aim for the boot, hoping that that if you get enough swing into it and all the bags will fly gracefully into their places in the boot. Success, but of course it all comes with practice.Β  Driving home is the nice part: not too much traffic on the roads and I arrive safely in the underground garage. My walker is parked on my parking space at home and I move it into position next to the car boot. Again with graceful movements I place the bags on the walker. There is a system, and I usually manage to fit it all in. Today I had an extra large bag of bird food as I was running low, but I placed it on the top of the other bags. The rest was easy going: through two doors to the lift and up to the next level to the apartment. Who needs grace, it is all practice. This is the usual routine three days a week, yes practice makes perfect.

RDP Wednesday: Graceful

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