Fandango’s February Expressions #26

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t

Halloween Mask

It is carnival time here and many hide behind their masks. How are you supposed to know who the real devil is and who is just dressed like one?

At the moment the devil we do not know is the corona virus. We have just a couple of cases in Switzerland, but who nows where it will appear the next time.  As golden oldies Mr. Swiss and I are amongst the endangered. However neither of us are sneezing and we have no symptoms, but this is a devil that is unpredictable.

Fandango’s February Expressions #26

10 thoughts on “Fandango’s February Expressions #26

  1. I’ve got a cold and I keep reminding myself that there are no known cases in Massachusetts. Yet. It’ll be at least a year until there’s a vaccine … Do you think we’ll make it? An interesting world in which we have landed, isn’t it?

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    • They have now a case in the next kanton to us, about 50 kilometers away. Most of the people were in North Italy for some reason. We just have to wait and see. We just had a proramme on TV about it, but no-one really wants to say too much.


  2. This whole coronavirus thing is really scary. I think I’m going to try to spend more time away from public places, but I do feel a little better living in a more sparsely populated suburb than in the big city.

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