Fandango’s February Expressions #26

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t

Halloween Mask

It is carnival time here and many hide behind their masks. How are you supposed to know who the real devil is and who is just dressed like one?

At the moment the devil we do not know is the corona virus. We have just a couple of cases in Switzerland, but who nows where it will appear the next time.  As golden oldies Mr. Swiss and I are amongst the endangered. However neither of us are sneezing and we have no symptoms, but this is a devil that is unpredictable.

Fandango’s February Expressions #26

FOWC with Fandango: Momentum

Hawk moth

I hate moths. I do not mean the humming bird moths that gently hover outside in the garden hoping to get a few drops of nectar or whatever from various flowers in Summer. I mean those that gain momentum with their wings and flutter past whilst you are quietly sitting at the computer wondering what to write about momentum

Yes, here I was minding my own business in the living room and suddenly I saw it fluttering through the air. I sat quite still and as it got closer I took a chance. I clapped my hands and there was one dead squashed moth on the table. It was so very small, but the only good moth is a dead one. It was the first one I had seen this year. It probably hatched out of whatever it hatches out of and decided it was too cold outside and fluttered around indoors. I do not like them, I hate them because it is a long job to get rid of them.

It’s their children that I hate even more and when you get them in the kitchen, they are a pest. It happened to me once and the only thing you can do is to put sticky paper on the cupboard doors which is impregnated with female moth scent. They attract the male moths who afterwards are stuck to the paper. At least further children are prohibited, but there might be some hiding in a crack somewhere and suddenly you find moths hanging from the ceiling. I am now an expert and have a watchful eye on them. For the last couple of years I was moth free and I am planning to stay that way.

A moth is not to be underestimated, they are number one on the list of most wanted.

FOWC with Fandango: Momentum

RDP Wednesday: Graceful


I do not do graceful any more, I never really did, but now situations in life no longer allow for it. I returned from the shopping trip this afternoon. Wheeling it around in the supermarket is not so complicated. I have a well balanced supermarket four wheeled trolley to pile it into. I might not be the quickest, but I manage to get everything on the list. I pack it all in various carrying bags (note paper – just one bigger plastic bag) and then I arrive at the car which is not so far away as I have the special places for the handicapped just next to the entrance.

Up to now I have been doing it in style and quite gracefully. I was now confronted with lifting the three bags from the trolley into the car boot. The trick to lift the bag and aim for the boot, hoping that that if you get enough swing into it and all the bags will fly gracefully into their places in the boot. Success, but of course it all comes with practice.  Driving home is the nice part: not too much traffic on the roads and I arrive safely in the underground garage. My walker is parked on my parking space at home and I move it into position next to the car boot. Again with graceful movements I place the bags on the walker. There is a system, and I usually manage to fit it all in. Today I had an extra large bag of bird food as I was running low, but I placed it on the top of the other bags. The rest was easy going: through two doors to the lift and up to the next level to the apartment. Who needs grace, it is all practice. This is the usual routine three days a week, yes practice makes perfect.

RDP Wednesday: Graceful

Good Morning


What a surprise. I wanted to make my usual sunrise photo this morning, hoping we had a sun and was confronted with this: snow was falling.  In the meanwhile I pottered around at home feeding birds and making something for breakfast with an eye on the outside world. I thought it was only a small dusting of snow and my photos were not really very impressive, until I got this.


Yes, is was falling thicker and my garden was beginning to look like something from White Christmas – perhaps not quite, as Christmas was two months ago. I ventured out into the cold landscape and shot another photo, with snowdrops falling on my head.


At the end of February we had our second snowfall of the Winter. The last was a day in mid December. It is still fluffing down and I am now hoping that it will be finished some time this morning and nothing left on the roads when I go shopping this afternoon. What a surprise. After a couple of days of sunshine and spring temperatures, we are back to the good old cold Winter and the snow is now falling thick and fast. Funny how the birds adapt. Lately they have not been visiting so much, but now the whole gang is here, magpies, crows and sparrows, pecking fast and furious.


Yesterday there were just a few isolated visitors at the bird house like this tit. I was even thinking about packing the house away until the next Winter, but I now have too many visitors. To add it to it all we are also having very strong winds and I just had to close all the windows as it is quite cold out there.

We are still corona virus free in Switzerland, but it is creeping closer. North Italy now have many patients and I saw yesterday that Austria has a reported case. I think the countries that have never dealt with something like this are overwhelmed with what to do. The latest I read in an online newspaper was that many Swiss companies have forbidden handshakes, which is one of the principal ways to greet someone in the business world. Friends tend to give a hug and that is probably also becoming a thing of the past. I just wonder how long it will be until the Swiss island in the middle of Europe gets the first infected. We think we are so good at keeping this under control and the days of the bubonic plague are now gone, but even virus seem to have their own way of expanding and taking over, something like politicians.


I managed another one of my coincidental photos yesterday and just as I was snapping the crow it flew away.

Yesterday we had a printer drama once again. We had received the last documents needed for our income tax completion. It was quite a lot and so I busied myself with copying for our tax advisor and then the printer decided to strike. After half an hour of trying, I gave up. Mr. Swiss called our computer guy who was busy and eventually he took on the task of a completely new set up for the printer. I was proud of him, he did it, even without uttering a single profanity. Yesterday evening I finished the job and now I am ready to confront the Swiss tax authorities, via our advisor, with fully signed documents, and we still have time to spare. It is the first year that I have participated in dealing with the Swiss tax system and am quite proud of myself. I even now understand it, although I needed help and support from the experiences of Mr. Swiss, not without a few disagreements.  I will be glad when I see the back of it all.

And now to depart for the rest of my housewife morning. Have a good day everyone, no stress, and may the weather be with you. Here it has stopped snowing and yes, the sun is beginning to shine. I will never understand the weather.


Although there are still remainders of the snow in our front garden.