Good Morning


The sunrise looked quite promising a couple of hours ago, but now it is just a grey cloudy sky and not so warm. I am a little later this morning as it is Tuesday, cleaning lady day, and I have a different routine. Yesterday was a day of shopping and today is a day of smooth runnings and watching as someone else does the cleaning. Although I did wipe over the windows. I like to have a clear view outside.

This afternoon in town is the second carnival procession. Actually it is the same as the first, but no room for me and my wheelchair so I will probably remain at home.  No. 1 son will have a look for me. After the processions all the various orchestras get together on the steps of our cathedral and have a concert.


In the meanwhile I had a stroll around the garden yesterday and discovered that all the Spring flowers have arrived. This is my Christmas Rose, which usually arrives a little late for Christmas (helleborus niger). It is one of the first every year.


And now all the crocus are ready for the Spring show. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon and they reflected in the light.


And that is all I really have to say for the moment. I just looked out of the window and discovered that the patio is wet, yes it is raining. Looks like it will be a wet procession in town for the carnival this afternoon.


I happened to see this carnival lantern hanging in town on my last excursion, although the meaning will not be so clear to those that do not celebrate Swiss carnival. Even I have my problems understanding the logic. On Thursday everything should be back to normal again.

Have a good day, enjoy. Let us see what the afternoon holds for surprises.



8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It’s a carnival tradition with the lanterns. In the town of Basel it is carnival beginning next Monday morning 6 a.m. they march through the town, each group with its own illuminated lantern and accompanied to the sound of pipes and drums. We cannot complain about Sprint up to now, it has had an excellent overture with sunny weather and warm temperatures.

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  1. Crocus are pretty nice. They are like flowers from a cold climate that I could grow here if I wanted to. When I was a kid, I was told that they bloom through the last of the melting snow. At the time, I did not know what snow was.

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