RDP Monday: Resilience


I suppose life has not really meant well. There were times when I went shopping, moved around in the supermarket, put the goods in the trolley, paid at the till and was finished in half an hour. When we were both retired, Mr. Swiss would come with me. Shopping is not always fun, but we made the most of it and it was good to go together. Now I go on my own, use the trolley not only for the shopping, but for support whilst hobbling around. After an hour I am usually finished. That even includes an excursion to the kiosk for Mr. Swiss cigarettes.  It is not very often that he comes with me. He also needs support when walking.

I refuse to give up, I might be a golden oldie, but my brain still seems to work and there is always something to give you that unexpected push.

Today I found the push. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon and I went outside at the supermarket and there they were, a wonderful view from the parking lot. The Swiss alps could be seen in their glory. They almost looked as if you could reach out and touch them, although it would be a couple of hours on the motorway.  I did not have my camera with me, just my mobile phone camera, but holding onto my trolley I decided to try for a photo. I walked across and got as close as possible without having an accident.

Not bad for a mobile phone photo from a supermarket parking. Is it the alps that are resilient or me? 🙂

RDP Monday: Resilience

16 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Resilience

  1. ❤ I think the Alps are a reason to BE resilient. I love this view. I'm happy my life has taught me their names and brought me to them a couple of times. "My" mountains have the same effect of transforming a day from blah to "Wow." Maybe it's the magic of mountains. ❤

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