Good Morning


Do not really know what to make of that sky. It could go either way, although it is clear that we cannot have eternal Spring weather every day in February. Yesterday was another glorious sun filled day with pleasant temperatures. We are getting spoilt and the storks have arrived.


There are only two in the nest that was organised a few years ago, but it is too early for family planning probably. Although perhaps an egg is on its way or already in the nest. It is too high up to see. There is a second tower near the river and I took a wheelie in my chair yesterday, but saw that the nest was not yet occupied. These two storks look quite young and it it probably a first family try for them.


I also noticed as I was in town, that the pigeons were also getting quite friendly with each other. It really does look like that Spring is in the air.


Although Saturday afternoon is not part of the carnival celebrations, there were still some participants in town and I heard music from a distance. My No. 1 son was also in town and he said there was a music group along the river bank restaurant mile, but I was only really out for the fresh air and sun and anything I might see that was interesting.


There were quite a few people in town enjoying the good weather, although more window shopping. Our town seems to be now filled with small shops with gift objects and we now have just one department store. The shops are usually quite empty people prefer to enjoy the atmosphere on the streets. That is probably the future – everyone sitting at home ordering what they need online, although I read yesterday in the newpaper that one of the shops are being taken over from a supermarket chain.  The only reason I like to go to the stores is for the supermarket where I can choose my fruit and veg and meat and, of course, choose what I want to pay. Online is OK, but there is always an extra charge for delivery, be it postage or direct delivery by transport.


Saturday afternoon is never the same without some sort of musician somewhere. This guy had made himself comfortable on the bridge with his instrument which seems to have been created from various wok type kitchen goods. It had a soft sound as he played and was not too bad, although a little repetitive. He was not a local, so perhaps that is something done in his original country.


On may way home along the river bank, I saw these two refugees from the carnival, also on their way to town. It seems that Saturday is developing into a carnival day, although the main events are in the evening with the various carnival balls and restaurant celebrations. My No. 1 son disappeared an hour earlier than usual in the evening and I heard him return about 4.30 in the morning, so he was probably mixing with the carnival celebrators. It is not my thing and both Mr. Swiss and I are now too old for such exertions. Mr. Swiss used to go with colleagues when he was younger, but younger is now a distant country.


My blue crocus opened yesterday afternoon in the garden and I was just in time for a quick photo, before it decided to close again.

And now I am closing for a couple of hours. I have a dinner to cook and a few things to tidy up at home. I have already filled a 60 litre plastic bag with some tidied up objects to dispose of, spring cleaning I think it is called. So have a happy day, enjoy and take it easy. There will be enough to do in the week ahead.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Also cloudy here today, but no rain. They had the carnival procession today, but I stayed at home – too many people. I buy online for a few things, but not for fresh food or vegetable. I like to choose what I want.

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  1. Either that chimney that the storks are nesting on is for intake ventilation, or those storks happened to find a chimney for a fireplace that does not get used. Otherwise, the nest could not have been left there through winter.

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    • It’s a tall tower in the grounds of the local secondary school and not a chimney. I am not sure what it was, but it might have been something to do with electricity. The storks have been using it for a few years

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  2. Our crocus are blooming under the leaves and it was shirtsleeve warm today. The birds are changing into their breeding colors. The Goldfinch are bright blotchy yellow and the red finches are very red. Spring is definitely in the air.

    Yesterday the birds went missing. Today they showed up in flocks. The Goldfinch always show up in flocks, but today, everything showed up with all this or her cousins, aunts, uncles, and of course, mates. The new huge feeder is making them very happy. I counted 10 birds on just that feeder. Of course, they are all mostly finches with a few chickadees and the usual Tufted Titmouses (or mice — it’s a serious subject of argument). As soon as they start
    breeding, they get VERY hungry. Making babies give them a big appetite. Owen thinks the flying squirrels are eating all the black sunflower seeds from the side of the feeder I can’t see from my wiindow. All told, the level of food in the feeders went down by 50% overnight, probably close to 5-pounds of seeds. Impressive for less than 24 hours. Of course, we are feeding a whole WOODS full of creatures. Mice and chipmunks and squirrels and flying squirrels and whatever birds show up. And some birds I never see except while they are sneering at me as they are flying away.

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    • The season is definitely changing for the birds. I noticed it with the pigeons on my last walk. The males are puffing up and trying to interest the ladies, although they are playing hard to get. At home it’s the usual crowd, although I am suddenly getting double the amount of magpies.


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