RDP Saturday: Perception


I seem to be lacking in perception in my golden oldie years. I have become a logistic specialist, I organise. Of course I perceive that something has to be done and how you do it that is the clue to the whole experience. I have realised that the burden of home life rests on me. We are both not getting any younger, and our mobility has suffered. Mr. Swiss has become my advisor if I have a perceptive blackout, but he is not Mr. Action.  That is where I have to combine my perceptive ideas.

I went for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon and I organised it so that I would be home latest at 4.30 p.m. I was even 10 minutes earlier. Mr. Swiss was reading a book whilst I was away. I arrived and began to perceive, no organise. I had planned on a mincemeat pie for the evening meal. The preparations would take about half an hour, The flaky pastry was one of those ready made efforts, already rolled. Afterwards I would even have half an hour before I put it in the oven. It worked, and now it is baking (see photo) whilst I have time to write my daily challenges.

My life seems to be based on organisation, saving time to have time for other chores. And I even have time to read in between and managed an hours sleep after lunch.  This morning I even managed to give my many orchids water in between cooking lunch, it was all a matter of planning.

I now perceived that I will be uploading my 80 photos that I took on my mission to town this afternoon and wheelie home along the river.  Oh, I perceived today that Spring is almost here as the flowers have begin to open and the storks have at last taken possession of their nests.

RDP Saturday: Perception

2 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Perception

  1. Yes it is important to stay organized. My mother who is 101 also says it is important to keep moving. My mother will never have a problem in the category of being mentally active … she is immersed in everybody’s business whether everybody requests it or not. But using the internet, blogging, websites, etc … are probably good for keeping mentally active .. While my dad was still alive, he and my mom took a course on computers at the local community college … my sister told me about it. Turns out .. it was course on COBOL programming or some such not … not on learning how to surf the web. They soldiered through but gave up on using the internet. They don’t understand how all the rest of us can do all that .. I told her it’s not about programming, it’s about point and click and read and look at the pictures. But she will have none of it. Have a great evening … SLP …

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