Good Morning


I was up a little later this morning, not a lot, but the sun is now overtaking me and arrives earlier, so I got this. It was already up and running but that is good so. We are having real Spring weather at the moment, although still a little early, but with temperatures of 10° C and tomorrow a prophesied 18° C, what could be better. I am looking forward to the days when I can sit out on the porch with my computer and breathe the fresh air. Yesterday I even wore my lighter jacket when going to the store. It was so much more comfortable getting into the car and driving, a real relaxed feeling.


And look at this beauty. My first blue crocus. The yellow ones arrived a week ago, the blue ones are always a little later.


I must remind myself to take another look this afternoon when they have opened their blossoms.  This afternoon I have decided to have a wheelie in my chair to see if the storks have arrived in the local nest yet. I was reminded this morning by another blogging colleague.


I am probably coming now to the time when I will stop feeding the birds daily. The cold winter is drawing to a close and they will be busy with nesting and bringing up the babies, although the crow always announces the arrival with a loud caw in the morning  before collecting breakfast.

The search by the birds is more for worms than seeds and it is one of the disadvantages since I had my garden redone with raised beds and no lawn, that the worms are no longer here. I was watching one of my favourite TV BBC programmes yesterday where a garden is re-organised by TV gardeners: just people that might have only a lawn or concrete and by the end of the programme we see how it has been transformed with a water feature, a flower bed, bushes and even trees. Yesterday the lady gardener complied with a wish of the owners that the new garden should be an attraction for wild life, so she planted the appropriate bushes etc. She also ordered online by post a few hundred worms for the garden to attract bird life. Now that is an idea. She put them in a special box and I suppose they find their own way afterwards. I am still thinking about it.

There is even a web site (a Swiss one of course) for placing orders for worms. I still have a flower bed around my garden, although the instructions for introducing the worms to the garden say you must have patience to allow them to grow big enough. Afterwards when they reach the size, they are very beneficial to the garden. When I had my lawn in the past days I often had visits from the blackbirds and they would depart with a beak full. Now they only arrive now and again through the Winter for some seeds.

And now I have other things to do, so I will depart and go on my way for a wander around the apartment. Have a good stress free beginning to the week-end. For those that are working, thank you for your efforts and I am sure you can relax for a few days during the week.



11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. GoodMorning It is below freezing right now but it should reach into the ‘s50 F this afternoon. I have seen no sign of spring yet. The drive through Meridian was lovely with all snow on the mountains surrounding the Boise Valley.

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    • Wonderful weather here, at last Spring is arriving. This afternoon on my travel, I saw that the stork pair have arrived and take over their nest. There are the first flowers blossoming everywhere in the grass. It couldn’t be better.


  2. Those televisions garden are so unsustainable . . . even ‘sustainability’ is the commonly repeated theme. They all contain the same elements, and are arranged in such a manner that they will not last much more than a year. Anyway, your crocus are pretty sweet. The second picture seems to be upside down.

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  3. That’s a really good idea. We have paved over the places they used to feed and the more we pave, the less room they have to find “natural” food. I feed them all year now because there’s so little natural world left for them. And also, with the climate changing. all the wild creatures are having a very hard time … except bugs. The bugs are doing GREAT.

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    • I only feed them during the Winter. We live in area where they find enough food during the summer months. One advantage of my new garden style is that I don’t have any more weevils. They were the insects that ruined my lawn and the ants have also moved out.


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