Good Morning


Nothing special this morning, just a view from the front garden. At least it is not raining, but a few clouds around. The little building is a shed for all to use, mainly for their bicycles. As I do not have a bicycle I do not need it. Some people store wood in it if they happen to have fireplace, which I also do not have.

I was a little disappointed yesterday. It was the first day of our carnival and I ventured into town to see what was going on. Seeing everything from a wheelchair is quite comfortable and I had no problem with the crowds. There were crowds, a lot of children with their parents, and all dressed in their carnival clothes.


That was the interesting part, but it was a lot less than last year. They had built a bandstand for the music groups but this year there was only one group that was walking around the town with their music and that was nothing special.  They were walking away from me and I only saw their backs and too far to take a photo.


I stayed around hoping for something to happen, but it did not. Even the main hotel restaurant had no public outside. In the evening it would probably be more lively with groups visiting the restaurants, but I prefer to avoid the evening entertainment: much too hectic. I remember when my kids were at the carnival age and the annual stress. Kids look forward to the carnival and expect their parents to make costumes for them. Those that have grown up here, grow with the tradition. I did not and I must admit I disliked the carnival season arriving. When all the other parents invest time and work into giving their kids wonderful original costumes, you have to do it as well, otherwise you have disappointed kids. I noticed this year in town that more parents are not only presenting their kids with wonderful costumes, but are also dressing the same, as family groups. Am I glad that my family is now independent and they can do their own thing. Carnival is not the same all over Switzerland and many areas have no tradition. Our area is one of the main parts for celebrating. We share it with Lucerne that have their carnival at the same time. Zürich has nothing really, just in a couple of restaurants but Basel is the main area where it begins in the early morning hours on a Monday morning with music, and a procession.


The next big public occasion will be the procession on Sunday, which is repeated on Tuesday, through past experience I would have no chance to see anything through the crowds lining the route, so yesterday was my only chance for a carnival experience.

Today is again week-end shopping in the afternoon and I should really get around to finishing my shopping list, although ideas are failing me at the moment. I don’t mind cooking something a little more interesting at the week-end, but do not like to spend hours in the kitchen doing it all.

Today is a normal day again and I am not sorry. We golden oldies need the relaxing days with no stress. Have a good one everybody, will be back later.


Even the stores decorate their windows for carnival.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh the pictures of the Carnival look so interesting … in USA, this only happens in New Orleans I guess … I have certainly never seen it in any other city I have lived in. It would be an interesting tradition to start having here …. Have a great day … SLP …


  2. Good morning, it is going to be another sunny day; below freezing in the morning and warm in the afternoon. my legs were bothering last night and I didn’t sleep well. Stay safe on your shopping trip. The clock is certainly unique.

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    • We will be having a real Spring week-end with temperatures up to 15° C on Sunday. I am glad I can now sit outside during the day on the porch. Shopping is done until Monday afternoon and now I can relax.

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  3. Our Mardi Gras parades are tonight, tomorrow and then the big one is on Tuesday. We used to love to take the kids to see the floats and catch the beads and trinkets they would throw. Not so much now. It seems the parents have gotten more aggressive in making sure their kids go home with something!

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    • The only thing they tend to throw here are sweets for the kids and they always have a confetti canon. There is usually someone on the float with a microphone making jokes about various town prominnent people that they see in the crowds.. The first parade is Sunday afternoon and the second on Shrove Tuesday in the afternoon. I am still removing the confetti from our home with the vacuum cleaner that I brought home with me yesterday.


  4. We don’t have a carnival in New England, but we have a sort of carnival right before Christmas. Down south, especially New Orleans, have Carnival. I always wanted to go to the one in Buenos Aires.

    Do you think people stayed away this year because of the coronavirus? Or fear of it? It has disrupted many things here, even though there have been no cases of it in this region. People are scared.

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    • The carnival in New Orleans is quite well known. In Europe many countries celebrate carnival. We have suspected cases in Switzerland but nothing concrete. Everyone is just being very careful, but not really scared.


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