RDP Thursday: Looking Out of My Front Door


The problem being perhaps, that everyone knows my front door, although it is the front window. since a few years, perhaps too many years, I write a “Good Morning” greeting on my page here and if we are lucky enough, you will also get a sunrise in all its glory. That is when I stand in the front garden at 8.45 a.m. with my mobile camera (and mostly in night dress with dressing gown or long coat in Winter). This  view is straight ahead, but if I turn to the right I see the sun rising. I took this photo about half an hour ago and our front garden, looking eastwards, then has shade. Only in the morning for a couple of hours do we have sunshine on this side. The sun is now coming from the West which is why the top half of the photo is bathed in sunlight.


Of course we have a front door, otherwise everyone would have to enter through the windows, on the left hand side. It is an apartment block, but only three stories, and we are ground floor. That is why we have a garden on both sides, the other flats have balconies.

As you can see the entrance to our garden in on the left. There used to be part of the hedge there, but we had it removed as it makes it easier to enter with my wheelchair. We have blinds on all the windows, but I am not a lover of blinds. I like daylight and so I have these curtain stripes which I can close or have open.

And there we are. I would say come back again in Summer, then I have flowers and my buddleia (butterfly bush) in the middle is flowering and doing its work of attracting the butterflies.

RDP Thursday: Looking Out of My Front Door

3 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Looking Out of My Front Door

  1. Thank you for taking me to your front door Pat 🙂 I would find it amusing to greet guests and have them climb through the window 😀 thanks for joining in on my prompt

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