RDP Wednesday: Traffic


Last year I bought a new car and it arrived on 27th December 2018. It was a quick decision but I bought it all on my own. Our car was a heap of metal after Mr. Swiss somehow mistook a brake for a gas pedal, no further comments. We were left without a car and I needed one for shopping, living in a village away from the maddening crowds. I never thought I would again drive again in my old days. Of course I knew how to, and it was touch and go if I would continue to drive with my MS. My neurologist was the persuasion in the argument. He said yes, there is absolutely no reason to give up my driving licence and he was right.  I am only able to drive an automatic, but that is OK. My left leg is a little out of action.

It is now just a little more than a year and I am still with my car on the road.  Admittedly I do not make long unknown journeys and my routes are in the vicinity. I also notice that traffic is quite smooth running. In my days as a working woman I was on the road in the so-called rush hour, but now my times are in the middle of the afternoon meaning the traffic is quite reasonable. I also realise that the majority of the drivers at that time are women.

I took this photo on my way home today from the store: not something I usually do, but it was a red light and I had my mobile phone in my pocket. It was just a quick photo, but as you see traffic is no bother.  I even had a permit on my car showing I can drive on the motorway, but that was 2019. We now have 2020 and I did not bother to renew it. My car has never seen a motorway and probably never will.

So let there be traffic, but not where I drive. I prefer the stressless roads with set speed limits and no rush.

RDP Wednesday: Traffic

Good Morning


Wednesday morning and not a very friendly one. It is raining constantly outside and the reflection of the lamp on the photo is due to the layer of water on the ground. There is also a cold wind blowing, and I just shut the window  completely, which is very unusual for me with my so-called built in central heating (at least that is what Mr. Swiss tells me as he is shivering with his cup of coffee next to me). Funny thing is it does not keep the birds away and the sparrows are still arriving for breakfast outside.


Although this photo is from yesterday, but it makes no difference, they are here all day.

I know I was planning on a short wheelie yesterday but I was too comfortable at home and decided to have a stress free day. My present list of “things to do” is at the moment non existent which is a welcome state of affairs and so I wrote a little and cleaned the oven (blogged about it yesterday). At the moment I am in an active phase and yesterday evening I even had the brilliant idea of making a tuna fish salad with the cold cuts and “geschwellti” with it. I know “gewshwellti” is something unknown in the english speaking language, and after having a look in Internet I discovered it is 100% a Swiss expression. It is quite simple. Just take a couple of potatoes, do not peel them, but boil them, although I put them in the microwave for about 5-6 minutes. Just remember to prod them first before cooking otherwise they would explode in the microwave. It was a wonderful idea, although some of us (like Mr. Swiss) peel the potatoes before eating. I find that eating with the skins adds more adventure.

I then had a couple of photos to upload on the computer, a few things to write and was soon finished. I was just wondering what to do next when there was a ring on the doorbell, just once. It was too late for the postman, and he always rings twice. With maternal instinct  knew it must be No. 2 son on a surprise visit and when I opened the door he was standing there. Actually he has a key to our apartment but waits for me to open the door. It was good to see him. He works and lives in a town just half an hour away by train during four days in the week. Otherwise he lives on the other side of Switzerland near Schaffhausen, with his family. We caught up on the news of our grandchildren. The oldest boy has now completely discovered speech, in Swiss German dialect similar to my son, and high German which the mother speaks. It is amazing how kids adapt to the various languages even at the age of 3. His daughter is still in the non talking smiling stage. She is now three months old and everything is fine with her.


Today is a shopping excursion. I got an SMS on my telephone from the local store yesterday to say that the ink cartridge I had ordered was now ready to be picked up so I will combine that with the shopping.


I now feel like this tit who is ready for a spring into the big wide world after eating breakfast.  Have a good day everyone, may it be a good one and take care.