RDP Tuesday: Go


Allow me to show off, I deserve these little perks now and again. Today I was planning on a wheelie on the super sunny day, but laziness won the battle at home, although not quite. If I stay at home, what shall I do with my day? I always have a loose end somewhere, but lately I have been tying them up. This morning I cleaned half the windows, the other half were completed last week. My cleaning lady was busy with the bathroom, shower and kitchen and so what shall I do.

And then it clicked. I got myself a new oven and microwave last November: quite an occasion for me, not something I have every year. I think the last oven was about 10 years old and the microwave had been in the apartment since we moved in, which is now 20 years ago. Of course I love my new oven and it has all the mod cons that I need. but it does not clean itself.

There is a programme for cleaning, meaning intense heat and all the refuse burns into ashes. The idea is to let it run during the night and in the morning just sweep the remains away. However I decided today to clean the oven before it got so bad that I needed an incinerator with accompanying high electricity costs. In half an hour it was done and now is bright and shiny again. Something said go, so I went. I am now wondering what the next item would be on the list. I think Spring cleaning is something we females must have in our blood stream.

RDP Tuesday: Go

11 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Go

  1. Congratulations!!! I know how that feels. I seldom use mine because I don’t want to clean it and it doesn’t clean itself. I was maintaining it’s cleanliness a few weeks ago and remembered the trauma of “oven cleaning day” when I was a kid. My mom liked to roast meats. Probably once a year we got this caustic cleaner and she handed me a sponge, rag and steel wool. Hate that job.

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    • I always use the hot air process when baking. It makes less mess and works just as well. The days of burnt fat on the walls of the oven are over. As said I like to do it regularly, does not need so much energy and does not take so long. I use the oven for chicken or for various frozen potato chips etc. I do not bake so much today. We are only three people and all the work in making cakes and biscuits is not worth while.

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  2. I hate the caustic oven cleaners but discovered a couple of good methods to do it, one with ammonia left in the oven overnight and the other with bicarb and vinegar. When I was prepping my house to sell I made sure the oven was spotless. I took the racks out and soaked them in the bath in soapy water with dryer sheets overnight. You use the dryer sheets to wipe them clean the next day and they came up almost like new. I even dismantled the door to clean that bit in the middle although for a while I wished I had not done that as it was tricky to put back together but I worked it out by myself in the end.

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    • It seems they have really improved ovens over the years I just used a normal cleaner with steel,wool and it removed everything: nothing caustic used. The steel wool was also a softer type that left no scratches. It looks like a new oven again

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