Good Morning


Better late then never I suppose, although I have been amongst the land of the living since a few hours. Today is cleaning lady day and so I like to be prepared when she arrives and no time for eating breakfast with the computer. Just a quick two slices of bread and jam, a cup of tea, a shower and then I am ready, come what may. However, it is a lovely sunny morning, and I am again surrounded by my birds. Yesterday was a parade of all my special birds and I even got a robin as the last visitor.


As I was totally unprepared for his appearance, the photo is not so sharp. They seem to be the loners in the bird world and alway arrive on their own.


I then suddenly saw two bigger birds in the tree and afterwards they paid a visit to the canteen outside. My pair of jays had returned. Nesting time is now just around the corner and I am hoping for perhaps a little family this year. I do not know where their nest is. It might not even be in our estate but in the nearby forest.

Otherwise it was again an afternoon at the store, but this time I had various other tasks to fulfil. I had to order some ink for our printer, luckily also in the supermarket. Mr. Swiss needed some meds at the apothek, which meant a little detour and I also had to get some cash for the cleaning lady today.  The actual shopping was the usual smooth runnings although they had a couple of special offers, which meant heavy weights to carry and they were tinned goods: chopped tomatoes which I need for my spaghetti sauce and also tuna fish. It is always handy if you have nothing at home and you can make a tuna salad.


I am thinking of another little wheelie this afternoon in such wonderful sunny weather. I visited the chickens only on Sunday, so might go a little further afield into town, although I am planning on the town visit on Thursday for some good photo material on the first day of our week’s carnival. I am hoping that nothing comes in between.

I noticed in the British news how hard England has been hit with floods after the high winds they had. Many people have lost their homes. It is not just the buildings, but all the possessions that you have gathered over the years. Suddenly within and hour, or just minutes, you have nothing left. My No. 2 son was once doing his annual Swiss army duty and they were all ordered in the middle of the night to relocate to an area in Switzerland hard hit by flooding. He spent some time in the village helping to clear the damage away and it was the first time he had seen what destruction the water amounts can do. There was rubble everywhere and homes were absolutely with no usable furniture. He told me how touched the soldiers were when they visited a local restaurant in a quiet moment for a drink. When they asked to pay they were told they were doing enough and payment was not necessary:  even in the hardest times there was generosity.

I will now be moving on, dinner is cooking, the cleaning lady is nearly finished and lo and behold I even sorted our tax documents this morning. We are just waiting for one more and then I can say goodbye to tax forms for a year. Actually it is not as bad as I thought it would be and now I have done it once I have an idea how to do it again next. year.

Have a good day everyone, enjoy and hope the weather is with you as it is with me.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My husband went to fill the small feeder today and managed to break it. I probably would have been more upset, except I needed a new one anyway. That was a small feeder and the birds went through the entire contents every day. It was two pounds of seed — exactly the SAME feed as in the bigger feeder, but for some reason, they just loved that feeder. I love my birds, but I don’t feel I need to feed them every single day, so I needed a bigger feeder. But after that, I will need more feed.

    I’ve been seeing great birds, but every time I pick up the camera, they go hide in the trees. it’s not fair.

    That’s a very pretty sunrise. I like those very bright mornings. With a little luck, we will have one tomorrow.

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    • It is only the tits that are using may feeder now. I have paving on the garden entrance and for some reason the birds all prefer to eat there. The sparrows are the most at the moment, but I often find other small birds mixing with them. If I am lucky I get a good sun rise when I get up in the morning.


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