RDP Monday: Evanescent


Living in an evanescent world
Things come, things go
Bare branches burst into flower
In a month it will only be leaves
People come and people go
I noticed today
A car in our garage is not longer there
The owner is too old to drive
I go shopping alone
When we used to go together
Life changes constantly
I meet someone
I used to work with them
I saw them every day
They were part of my life
Why cannot I remember their name
When they remember mine
Thank goodness for modern science
computer developments
My mobile telephone knows it all
I just have to give it instructions
It never forgets
Unless I forget to tell it
what it should remember


RDP Monday: Evanescent

4 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Evanescent

  1. I just say, “You know what? I can’t remember your name!” Usually they laugh and tell me their name. Since all I’ve done in the 6 years since I moved here is meet people, it’s kind of a problem…

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